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Wi-Fi Next Steps for Midsize Businesses: 802.11ax or 802.11ac?

6 questions to ask about which wireless standard is right for your business. Read More

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3 Ways 802.11ax Makes Wi-Fi Better

Device densities are growing and user expectations are rising. Keep pace with 802.11ax Wi-Fi. Read More

Extending Network Capacity in Enterprise WLANs with 802.11ax

A technique called ‘BSS Coloring’ will allow more simultaneous transmissions in enterprise networks. Read More

Why OFDMA is a Magical Feature in 802.11ax

OFDMA enables lower overhead, higher client numbers, lower latency, lower jitter and improved overall QoS. Read More

Goals and Key Features of 802.11ax

The next big advance in Wi-Fi standards will be shipping by the end of the 2018. Read More

When Will We Be Able to Purchase 802.11ax Access Points and Client Devices?

Aruba insiders outline the timeline we expect for 802.11ax technology. Read More