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The Power of OFDMA

A detailed examination of how OFDMA delivers a better user experience for Wi-Fi 6. Read More

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Wi-Fi 6: Should You Believe the Hype?

Educate yourself before diving headfirst into all that Wi-Fi 6 has to offer. Read More

Effective IoT Security Requires Machine Learning
Nick ShoemakerSolutions

Security is the New Standard

Designing and deploying networks with 360-degree security visibility is not an option. It is a must. Read More

Nick ShoemakerSolutions

Wi-Fi 6: Why We Need It and What It Isn’t

While we often talk about speed, Wi-Fi 6 will add much needed capacity, making it a game changer. Read More

Top 3 Impacts of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) makes the best use of airtime, preserves client battery life and increases throughput to available devices. Read More

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Is 802.11ax the End of Dual 5-GHz Radio APs?

OFDMA is a more efficient way to service multiple Wi-Fi clients faster. Read More

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A 5-Minute Breakdown of Wi-Fi 6

The essential facts of 802.11ax. Read More

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ICYMI: What’s the Difference Between OFDMA and MU-MIMO in 11ax?

Both enable simultaneous bidirectional communication between client and AP. Why do we need both? Read More

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How is 802.11ax different than previous wireless standards?

It’s time to think of Wi-Fi less like an old bridged network and more like a modern switched network. Read More

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6 Ways 802.11ax Gives You a Better Wi-Fi Experience

Going under the hood of 802.11ax to discover the real-world benefits. Read More