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Network Security vs Convenience: A War of Perspectives

Is it a battle of security vs. convenience or a question of whose convenience is more important? Read More

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Data Privacy Laws in APAC: What You Need to Know

Data privacy laws are getting stronger. Read More

Safeguarding Shopper Privacy and Ensuring Retail Security in a Mobile First World
Scott LesterSolutions

3 Practical Steps to Securing Wi-Fi

Certificate-based authentication, no-hassle cryptography and dynamic segmentation. Read More

A Look into What’s Behind WPA3

Shouldn’t our users have an expectation of privacy? Read More

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How is 802.11ax different than previous wireless standards?

It’s time to think of Wi-Fi less like an old bridged network and more like a modern switched network. Read More

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802.11ax Means More IoT. Now, How Do I Secure It?

The IoT wave continues unabated, but it doesn’t have to result in compromised security. Read More

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Opportunistic Wireless Encryption…Um, What’s That Again?

Learn about Aruba’s plan to implement the latest Wi-Fi Alliance certifications like WPA3 and OWE. Read More

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Digging into WPA3

In January 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3 as an enhancement to WPA2. There’s not much in the way of technical details, but it all sounds promising. However, if you actually start looking around... Read More

Dave ChenIndustries

WPA3: The Next Generation in Secure Mobility

Written by Dave Chen and Dan Harkins The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently announced a new standard in wireless, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3 TM . WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is designed as the successor to widely... Read More

WPA2 Security: Trying to Stay Ahead of Evolving Technology
Kevin BlackburnIndustries

WPA2 Security: Trying to Stay Ahead of Evolving Technology

Taking a look at WPA2 and how it stacks up with todays evolving technologies and the attackers trying break it. Read More