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Socially distanced K12 classroom
Johann ZimmernIndustries

Classroom Reimagined: New Back-to-School Requirements During Covid-19

Five key questions to prepare for your district network infrastructure for new challenges. Read More

Waterloo RIM Park
Imran HussainSpectrum

From Olympic Ice to Field Hospital in a Couple of Weeks

Transforming four Olympic-sized ice rinks at RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex into a field hospital expands our COVID-19 inpatient capacity by 600 beds. Read More

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin,

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, enables radiologists to continue their work...

Extending the hospital network to the remote location or home to ensure a secure, seamless work experience. Read More

CSU Sacramento Wi-Fi Study Zone
Ted KoubiarSpectrum

Pandemic Spurs Drive-up Access for Online Learning

Turning a parking structure into a safe connectivity space enables us to deliver on our commitment to giving every student equal access education. Read More

Thomas RiceSolutions

School District’s Response to Pandemic Brings Wi-Fi Access to Community

How students huddled in the rain resulted in free outdoor Wi-Fi available to an entire community. Read More


Preparing the Government Workforce for the Current Normal

Five steps to deliver seamless business continuity for Federal. Read More

Torrance Memorial Medical Center Heros
Geoff FrankSpectrum

Ingenious Overflow Facility Answers COVID-19 Response Needs

Transforming the first floor of a parking structure into a temporary treatment center ensures preparedness for pandemic surges and any future crisis. Read More

Tahoe Forest Health System, Truckee, CA
Jason RobertsSpectrum

Serving Our Communities Together in the Midst of a Pandemic

Both Tahoe Forest Health System and Barton Health have launched remote, drive-up and virtual initiatives to address evolving crisis’ needs. Read More

Larry LunettaSpectrum

Five Networking Keys to Successful Working from Home

Enterprise-grade solutions are essential for a productive work-from-home experience. Read More