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Paul BoutotCorporate

Serving Our Constituents with an Intelligent Edge

How we built a resilient, simplified and automated network leveraging AOS-CX and Wi-Fi 6 to deliver critical services at the Town of Newington, CT. Read More

Data center automation with NetEdit
Al RasheedSolutions

Aruba CX Series: It’s Time for a Switch

Get a breakdown of the Aruba CX 6300 and CX 6400 switches to understand which switch makes the most sense for your environment. Read More

I Spy with My Big Eyes: Aruba Network Analytics Engine…Just for Fun!

Seeing into all parts of your network is a bit like riding a runaway train. At night, through a dark tunnel, with no idea where you are or what’s going on. Read More

Building a Better Mousetrap: Aruba CX Switches…Just For Fun!

Peek under the hood of Aruba’s solution for the modern network...just for fun! Read More

Mason CoffmanSolutions

Network Analytics and Automation Abound: Enhance the Operator Experience with...

To simplify network management, IT needs better visibility and agility. See how Aruba CX switches enable both. Read More

Sue GillespieSolutions

Aruba Adds Powerful Talent with New CX Switches

IoT and cloud services can wear a network down. To ensure top performance, Aruba extends its next-gen CX switch portfolio to the access layer for a lineup that clears the path for a future of winning seasons... Read More

Mason CoffmanCorporate

Break Free from Legacy Network Constraints with Aruba CX Switching

New switch families and enhanced analytics and automation simplify the operating experience. Read More

Steve BrarCorporate

Now’s the Time to Switch to a Next-Gen Network

Aruba’s cloud-native switching innovations transform the network from edge to core. Read More