Where will Wi-Fi show up next?

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It has been over 10 years since I first joined Aruba. One of the greatest pleasures of this journey has been watching WiFi grow from thetechnology that removed the long Ethernet cables in our apartment (yes, we REALLY wanted mobility even back then :smileyhappy: ) to becoming THE pervasive wireless connection medium!

WiFi when working in our office – of course! WiFi in stores so we do not wait for the cashier – done that! Game consoles, movies on NetFlix, home security systems – yep! Checking email, Facebook and getting some work done while sipping a cup of coffee or waiting for your flight home – cannot live without that. The question is: how will WiFi surprise us in the future?

  1. Automobiles and so-called connected cars - especially as auto manufacturers start making iPad an option in their cars like this one here:
  2. All the devices in our homes using WiFi for the connected home:
  3. My personal favorite is the "toy rabbit" in our founder, Keerti Melkote's office that had a companion with his daughter in their house! Yes, the ears are the antenna :smileyhappy:

WiFi has now become the de-facto standard that one can expect on EVERY client device. This means that as different devices get even more connected, we can expect more interesting applications for WiFi to show up in the market. At Aruba, we believe that we are just scratching the surface ofwhat can be done with this technology – what do you think?

What's the craziest application idea you have heard? Or what is the most intriguing idea you have heard?

We would love to hear – let us know – we are all ears!

UPDATE: A day after this article - here is another "interesting" WiFi app: - a WiFi plant sensor : WiFi continues to take over connectivity 🙂