Watch Advanced “How-To” Videos on Configuring ClearPass

By Trent Fierro, Blog Contributor
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During a recent trip to a music store I overheard a person that worked there mention that if how-to videos had been around when he was younger, how much better he'd be now. And more recently a friend picked up a new smartphone and immediately followed the manufacture's guidance and started watching the how-to video to quickly learn the features of their new phone.

The take away was that a simple way for people to see and hear how something works not only jumpstarts a learning curve, but you can also create an atmosphere where advanced or long-term education can prosper.

Based on this, the ClearPass team is introducing our first set of short How-to videos that tackle specific tasks that will range from getting started and using core features, to configuring advanced onboarding and BYOD features.

The subject matter experts (special to thanks to Kaveh Mehrjoo for getting this started) here at Aruba jumped in feet first and delivered some videos on the advanced topics listed below, but don't worry we're working on videos that cover basic and core features too.

Joining the Policy Manager to a domain for MSCHAPv2

Policy Manager and Onboard with RADIUS proxy

We look forward to hearing from you, so let us know how we're doing and what topics you think would help you become a ClearPass Access Management expert.