Top 5 Reasons to get Aruba Certified

By Jenna Godsil, Marketing Communications Specialist
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  1. Align yourself with an innovative market leader. For the 13th consecutive year [1], Gartner has positioned Aruba as a leader for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure [2]. And for the second year running, Aruba is positioned foremost for completeness of vision. Aruba is a $3B company that has been growing 3 X - 4 X the market and taking share from competitors. Achieving an Aruba certification shows your understanding of who is driving the market and puts you at the cutting edge of innovation.
  2. Grow your career and increase your opportunities. Aruba’s technology and innovation is deployed in 40% of the Fortune 500 companies, 65% of the Fortune 100 companies, and in over 145,000 enterprises, government, and education institutions globally. With this wide range of customers, the job market for Aruba Certified Individuals is growing significantly and opens the door for you to vast opportunities. In fact, not only are the number of opportunities for Aruba outpacing the market, according to Acclaim’s Labor Market Insights, 75% of job opportunities for Aruba certified candidates maintain a salary of $100K or greater.
  3. Enjoy increased technical confidence. Your technical credibility is at stake every day, which is why Aruba’s certification program covers not only the technical implementation and support aspects of its technology but also focuses in on the core design and architecture elements which ensure success. So, whether you work for a company that is an Aruba customer or for an Aruba partner, your impact will be seen and felt. Based on data from Aruba support, Aruba certified professionals make up less than 20% of calls to Aruba support, where less than 4% of those cases are critical. This means more reliability and scale for your employers, less downtime, and less financial impact. With the valuable contribution you bring, you will improve your job security, receive higher pay, and become the go-to person for strategic projects that help improve your company’s business.
  4. Make your resume stand out from the pack. You want to differentiate yourself. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader, just like Aruba. Having an Aruba certification or adding it to your repertoire of other certifications will give you a competitive edge that puts you in competition with a much smaller pool of candidates for similar positions. Thus, your chances will be better for securing new opportunities, while your competition is stuck with only one of the other vendor’s certifications. Your hard work will stand out.
  5. Be one of a growing community! Aruba certified professionals belong to a community of over 70K “Airhead” professionals that are equally motivated and knowledgeable Aruba advocates.  As an Aruba Certified Airhead, you can share experiences, ask questions, and contribute to a vibrant technical community that will enrich your career.  Also, once certified you gain access to Your Acclaim digital badging that allows you to digitally display and share your verified certification credential, view labor market insights, and find related jobs in your region.

Online Resources:

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Contact to get in touch with the Aruba Training Team.

1 – Aruba’s 13 years of placement includes HPE (Aruba) in the Magic Quadrant for the Wired & Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure from 2015-2018 (4 years), Aruba Networks in the same Magic Quadrant from 2012-2014 (3 years) and in the Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure from 2006-2011 (6 years)

2 – Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure, Bill Menezes, Christian Canales, Tim Zimmerman, Mike Toussaint, 11 July 2018