Onion Approach to Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Basics: Trend Your Wi-Fi Helpdesk Tickets

By George Stafanick, Blog Contributor
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A few years ago while working on down access points. It occurred to me I should track the resolution and trend this data. I wanted to know the top causes for down access points.

To my surprise, an interesting trend started to develop.

  • 5% - Access point failure
  • 40% - Ethernet cable pulled from a switch port
  • 5% - Switch POE issue
  • 30% - Down due to construction
  • 5% - DHCP issue
  • 15% - OTHER

Based on the data we collected, 70% of our issues revolved around folks pulling our access points from switch ports to make room for other devices and construction events. Armed with this data, we worked with desktop and our project managers to help limit the impact to our wireless user base.

You can trend other data too. Perhaps you have application folks blaming Wi-Fi for everything. Trend this data and if it's not Wi-Fi start to track that data.

Data is powerful in the right hands.