More than a Warranty: The Case for Aruba Foundation Care Support

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Almost every high-dollar consumer purchase comes with a decision about adding a support contract. Consumers tend to opt out of these programs, but that could spell big problems for businesses. IT organizations responsible for keeping hundreds or thousands of people productive require a much higher degree of customer support and service than what is provided under the standard product warranty.

Aruba offers customers both a warranty and a support contract, ensuring that customers have the support they need. If you’re wondering, “How is support different from my warranty?”, Aruba Foundation Care differs by providing technical support, software updates and upgrades, and hardware replacement services that are within reach 24/7/365 days a year.

For customers who purchase Aruba Foundation Care, every call is prioritized and handled by well-trained and highly experienced Aruba TAC experts.

Here are four scenarios that describe what a customer receives under a warranty and what extra coverage is available with Aruba Foundation Care.

1. A customer calls into Aruba support for help with design and implementation questions related to integration with their back-end network infrastructure.

Warranty only: Support will not be able to assist the customer because the question is not a break-fix situation. A warranty only checks that the product conforms to published specifications.

With Aruba Foundation Care: Aruba support will provide best effort design, configuration, deployment, interoperability, and best practices. Customers with Aruba Foundation Care can also call in for any consultative or operational support need.

 2. A customer calls into Aruba support to talk about reports of widespread client connectivity issues on the WLAN that are causing a significant service impact.

Warranty only: Since this issue falls under the product conformance specification, Aruba support will engage. The warranty provides “commercially reasonable” effort within the limits of warranty terms, and the support team will provide help to the best of their abilities but the case will not be escalated.

With Aruba Foundation Care: Aruba support will assign this case a priority level. If the issue is deemed critical, all or some of Aruba’s escalation framework may be triggered, and support may engage with sales, engineering, and executive management to resolve the issue.

3. As client connectivity problems continue, Aruba identifies a critical bug and develops a fix.

Warranty only: This bug fix will be integrated into a future maintenance or feature release. The fix will be available to the customer when the next release is published to the Aruba support web site or on the cloud image server.

With Aruba Foundation Care: For production impacting high severity issues without workarounds, Aruba will work with customer to provide customer-specific patch release to stabilize the critical situation. The customer can pick up the fix permanently in a future maintenance or feature release.

4. Customer calls in to report that several APs are malfunctioning and requests replacement units.

Warranty Only: Aruba will offer next-business-day shipping after the receipt of the Return Material Authorization (RMA) request. There is no delivery time commitment, and delivery time may vary depending on the customer location.

With Aruba Foundation Care: For customers with a support contract, the delivery timeframe depends on the support program. At a minimum, the customer will receive the replacement hardware on the next business day.

After reading these scenarios, keep in mind that the I’ve only described a portion of what is covered under your warranty and Aruba Foundation Care. You will want to have an in-depth discussion about each with your Aruba representative.

In every case, Aruba Foundation Care delivers the support that businesses need to keep operations running and communications flowing.

For more details and specifics about the specialized support available under Aruba Foundation Care, please visit: