Make the smart choice: 25/100 GbE for open networking cloud data centers

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New innovations bring with them new business opportunities—and new business models. As a prime example, the Internet quickly gave rise to e-commerce, web-based businesses, and global 24/7 operations. Now, today's global digital economy continues to create new business models that have their own unique requirements.

With these business models come hyper-competition and heightened customer expectations—which in turn creates demand for more reliable data centers, ever-faster networks, and even faster response times. You can have the fastest servers and storage—but it's great network infrastructure that enables it all with agility and high performance.

Introducing the HPE Altoline 6969

The HPE Altoline family of data center open networking disaggregated switches covers the full spectrum of networking speeds. The flagship family product, the HPE Altoline 6960 top-of-rack spine/leaf switch brings 25/100 GbE to open networking. The Altoline 6960 offers three key benefits:

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  1. Lower response times to meet your expectations—The reality is, existing 10/40 GbE networks are falling short of meeting business application needs. Countering that trend, the Altoline 6960 is in the forefront of data center migration to 25/50/100 GbE. The new 25 GbE on servers—with100 GbE on the network side—deliver about 2.5X the current networking bandwidth of 10/40 GbE deployed today. You gain increased networking bandwidth delivered by 64*50 GbE ports—as opposed to only 32*40 GbE ports. This jump in networking capacity results in more responsive applications and more satisfied customers. In fact, your enterprise can better utilize servers by deploying more applications and virtual machines on servers and support more customers, faster.
  2. Diverse capabilities for investment protection—The diversity of the Altoline 6960 shines when it comes to investment protection. As shown in this diagram, the 6960 can either be seamlessly integrated into existing 10/40 GbE deployments, or new 25/100 GbE environments. This gives you the opportunity to deploy the 6960 as a 10/40 GbE switch today, and continue to utilize it as a 25/100 GbE switch as you upgrade to 25/100 GbE speeds later. You get one switch now for today's—and the future's—data center networking needs.

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  1. Noticeable savings for lower TCO—25/100 GbE technology delivers savings on both ends of the wire. The 100 GbE switch delivers unprecedented bandwidth in a 1RU ToR switch for demanding applications. We estimate that moving from 40 GbE to 50 GbE reduces TCO by 20%. On the server side, you can realize savings from lower costs per Gbps for higher bandwidth using the same PCIe slots. Additional cost reductions result from drawing less power and lowering cooling costs.

Overall, delivering more services within the same form factor while saving on utilities, combined with the Gbps cost for networking bandwidth, is incredibly good news for your cloud data center. It's a compelling reason to make the smart choice for open networking with HPE Altoline 25/100 GbE.

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