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HPE GreenLake for Aruba is now HPE GreenLake for Networking

What’s in a name? This question has been asked over and over, and many people rack their brain trying to come up with a perfect name for a person, a company, and a product. And sometimes, names need to change.

The artist Prince stopped using his name and became known as a "love symbol." Kentucky Fried Chicken simplified their name to KFC. Facebook changed to Meta. Twitter became X.

Renaming a company or a product comes with challenges. But at HPE Aruba Networking, we wanted to ensure our partners and customers have an easy way to reference our market leading NaaS solution. To that end, HPE GreenLake for Aruba is now HPE GreenLake for Networking.

Just like our recent company name change from Aruba Networks to HPE Aruba Networking, the change is subtle and emphasizes our focus on networking. And it’s still the same winning formula that helps customers to:

  • Take advantage of predictable monthly costs
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Rapidly deploy new use cases

HPE GreenLake for Networking allows you to expand your choices and operationalize your Agile NaaS strategy.

New name. Same choices and benefits.

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