Get Your Network Ready for 1:1 Initiatives – Q&A

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A compilation of the Aruba and CDW webinar Get Your Network Ready for 1:1 Initiatives Q&A is now available. Thanks to all who joined the webinar. A copy of the presentation is available. Here is a recording of the presentation on Aruba's website. If you have any questions, please post them here in the comments section.

Questions Asked by Attendees

Q: What program was it that generated the stats in the presentation?

A: Those statistics are available from Aruba's AppRF technology, and can be displayed on the controller or AirWave.

Q: Do the new 220 series APs and ClientMatch™ work with existing controllers?

A: Yes they do, you will need to upgrade your controllers to 6.3.

Q: Will there be an IAP with 802.11ac?

A: Yes, the 220 series will be available as IAPs later this year.

Q: I work with an two campus environment and I would like one common SSID. Do I need two separately managed LANs or can I manage them all together?

A: This is an ideal case for AirWave, to synchronize the policy across multiple independent locations. However, you can manage each group separately from the cluster if you chose. Aruba does not require that you purchase management software for our IAPs.

Q: Do IAPs require a continuous connection to internet?  If internet were to go would users still access local resources wirelessly?

A: IAPs do not require an internet connection. If the WAN link were to fail everything would continue to operate as before. Management is handed on the IAPs themselves, so you don't need to worry about internet issues affecting your network.

Q: Do you manage instant AP through a web based control panel?

A: Yes, each IAP cluster elects a virtual controller, and you will interact with that controller via a web browser. For an overview of the product and a video of the interface please take a look at

Q: Is Aruba Activate included with the AP purchase?

A: Yes, Activate is a free service for users of Aruba IAPs.

Q: Because of budget concerns, would I be able to build up possibly 1 wing of a campus at a time?

A: Yes, both the controller and instant based solutions can be easily added to and expanded as your budget allows with no additional configuration required.

Q: Is your controller hardware only or software based?

A: The mobility controller is a hardware based solution. The Aruba Instant APs (IAPs) use a software based controller running on the AP.

Q: I see that the latest AP has a Lifetime Warranty, where can I find more info?

A: You can find information including a detailed FAQ at

Q: how easy is it to flash an IAP-105 to work with a controller?

A: It is relatively straight forward to move an IAP to a controller, you simply have to set the controllers address in the IAP interface. They system takes care of the rest.

Q: How far can the outside AP's talk to each other?

A: The range is dependent on the power, line of site, and antennas used. Aruba recommends you work with your CDW representative and an experienced outdoor engineer to discuss your solution and needs in more detail.

Q: Is the LAN School software a separate license?

A: Yes. They have a lite version that is free, including an Aruba only version coming soon. You can purchase the full version for additional functionality. For a full overview please take a look at our webinar here: