#GenMobile Has Entered the Workforce

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Screenshot 2014-01-15 20.05.12.pngAruba Networks recently commissioned the #GenMobile study to measure how mobile devices have changed our behavior. Our objective was to use this data to define what Aruba's typical customer, the enterprise IT manager, should be doing differently with #GenMobile in the workplace.

Roughly 5,000 people in the U.S., Europe and Middle East were surveyed. We found that people of all ages and across different cultures are now a part of the mobile generation we are calling #GenMobile. Everyone has developed a preference for mobility; however, there is a younger group of #GenMobile, between 18-35 years old that has the highest preference for mobility.

At work, #GenMobile no longer thinks about the desk, desktop computers and desk phones. There is an app for all that. Everyone is always connected wirelessly for work and at pauses from work.

Some of the research data shows that everyone is using mobile devices. To me that's like saying water is wet. I did however, do a double take on the number of mobile devices and Wi-Fi affinity numbers.

  • 65% of all surveyed own three or more connected devices.
  • 57% of all #GenMobile and 69% of younger #GenMobile prefer Wi-Fi over 3G, 4G and wired connections.

On a lighter note, mobile connectivity is addictive – 15-times more addictive than coffee and seven-times more than television. Thankfully, only 6% say they would give up sex before giving up their phones.

#GenMobile's tech-savvy nature was one of the more profound revelations. My personal experience has been similar. My days of being the de facto IT guy for my family are coming to an end.

My mother-in-law shocked me over the holidays with iOS 7 on her iPhone. More for show-off than anything else, I used to love upgrading her phone and explaining new features. This year, she had figured it out on her own.  Clearly, I need new ways to work on that relationship.

In the workplace, employers must accommodate the #GenMobile needs to retain and attract talent. To do this, we've identified four #GenMobile imperatives, which I'll share in my next blog. First, let's focus on IT skills required to support #GenMobile.

Within our Airheads Community, we have long encouraged network engineers to develop mobility engineering skills. This #GenMobile study adds wind to our sails. We are pleased to announce March 2014 as the Month of Mobility for our Airheads Community members.

Our objective is to raise awareness around the necessary career transition for network engineers to become mobility engineers. For beginning and advanced levels alike, the Month of Mobility is going to be all about sharing best practices with each other.

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