Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for NAC – It’s more than just access control

By Trent Fierro, Blog Contributor
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It's funny after being in the network security space for a few years: The holidays are now synonymous with the release of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control (NAC). You spend the year helping customers, adding to the product and seeking the ultimate recognition for your efforts – a favorable review.

Thanks to our customers, engineering, sales, and a host of others, Aruba ClearPass is once again in the Leaders Quadrant for multiple years in a row.

  • Our Adaptive Trust model, where ClearPass acts as "warehouse of context," resonated well. Mobility has broken the "old school" AAA and perimeter security model.
  • The standards-based ClearPass Exchange API is a leader when it comes to integrating with firewalls, SIEMs and other ATD solutions.
  • Integration efforts with multiple EMM partners give customers a choice and a better way to protect their networks in today's mobile environment.

ClearPass Guest, Onboard and AirGroup functionality continued to provide customers with the ability to secure their networks and automate repetitive manual workflows. In fact, these features have allowed ClearPass to be deployed in some of the largest multivendor networks in the world.

There's still work to do though. In fact, we've already started getting ready for the coming year!

Our customers often drive innovation. In fact, many advanced features are the result of ClearPass working with our existing customers' wireless infrastructure. Aruba's customers are asking for tighter integration because they chose Aruba wireless for features and performance those others vendors couldn't deliver.

As more organizations migrate from legacy solutions to Aruba, ClearPass also acts as a policy management, AAA and BYOD bridge for any multivendor network. This provides the stepping stone for customers' ability to utilize built-in role based access and advanced features.

To better secure wired networks, customers are leveraging their experience with 802.1X on their wireless network. They now understand how 802.1X can help and how it differs from a less secure post-connect authentication model. The post-connect model may be easy but it doesn't mean better.

We do realize that customers need tools to speed up the deployment of 802.1X for wired networks though. Stay tuned for a number of new features in 2015 that will make wireless and wired access easier and secure.