Game-Changing Business Agility with the New Aruba 8400

By Sue Gillespie, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Aruba
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Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) are here to stay, demanding flawless access and more capacity every day. Really, it is a lot like that first time you fed your puppy table scraps. Every day thereafter, that beloved face is relentlessly begging for more. Now think of IT teams around the world, budgets crunched yet needing to deliver access for business-critical mobile applications with new IoT devices coming on the network every day. Management and troubleshooting pressure is growing.

Earlier this month we announced the Aruba 8400 Switch Series, our new campus core and aggregation switch. This game-changing solution offers a flexible and innovative approach to dealing with the new application, security and scalability demands of a modern networking environment. With a modern, fully programmable OS running on a carrier-grade chassis, the 8400 switch is the only solution designed to address the demands driven by mobility and IoT.

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Designed for customers who want to create digital workplaces and optimized for mobile users with integrated wired and wireless access, the Aruba 8400 provides:

Faster and advanced visibility

  • On-box, time series database for event and correlation history
  • Real-time access to network insights

Faster time to detect, diagnose and resolve

  • Rules-based, real-time monitoring and notifications
  • Intelligent notifications with automatic correlation to configuration changes

Easier automation and integration

  • Business policy-based automation to simplify network functions
  • Easily programmable with modern tools and language (e.g. Python)

Improved network assurance

  • Carrier-grade reliability to support growing traffic demands
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with multi-terabit performance and high speed, high port density


The Aruba 8400 Switch Series is a breakthrough in campus core innovation and extends intelligence in the Mobile First Architecture from the network edge to the core. Setting it apart from other core aggregation switches on the market, the Aruba 8400's unique innovation is the new ArubaOS-CX, a modern software foundation that is a departure from today's static, inflexible operating system design.

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ArubaOS-CX acts as the brains of the switch to automate and simplify many critical and complex network tasks. It is a fully programmable operating system built with a database-centric operating system that ensures higher availability, dynamic software process changes for reduced downtime. In addition to robust hardware reliability, the ArubaOS-CX brings to the system additional software reliability elements not available with traditional systems. This includes support for multiple configuration rollbacks and automated integration with workflow engines minimizing human-error driven issues.

Aruba Network Analytics Engine

The unique Aruba Network Analytics Engine provides the ability to monitor and troubleshoot the network, system, application and security-related issues easily, through simple Python scripts and REST APIs. It's a first-of-a-kind built-in framework for network assurance and remediation. Combining the full automation and deep visibility capabilities of the ArubaOS-CX, this unique framework allows monitoring, troubleshooting and easy network data collection by using simple scripting agents.


The Network Analytics Engine capability comes with a built-in time series database that enables customers and developers to develop software modules that will allow historical troubleshooting, as well as analysis of historical trends, to predict and avoid future problems due to scale, security and performance bottlenecks.

High Availability for the Backbone of a Mobile First Network

With a high-performance 19.2Tbps switching capacity, carrier-class high availability and automated visibility that reduces network complexity and enables faster response times, the 8400 creates the backbone of a Mobile First network. The compact 8400X provides industry-leading line rate 10GbE/40GbE/100GbE port density, large table sizes, deep buffers, and scalability for support of full Internet routes.

Core to Edge Portfolio

The Aruba 8400 rounds out Aruba's Mobile First campus switching portfolio with an enterprise core and aggregation solution that brings superior user experience, and ensures higher performance and higher uptime.

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