Does your guest login page need an extreme makeover?

By Trent Fierro, Blog Contributor
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I found myself watching television the other day and the only thing that caught my attention that day were home improvement shows.

You know the ones. People live in a house forever and when they decide to move they bring in professional help to pretty the place up, inside and out.  Funny what a little paint and landscaping will do for curb appeal and a faster sale.

What's ironic is that how easily this translates to web page design and in particular how little time organizations will spend on the look and feel of what guests experience when they log into the wireless network. They spend countless of dollars sprucing up the physical property, whether that is a lobby, retail store, hospital waiting room, or college campus, but don't give the same attention to a guest's mobile impression.

Even though an organization's guest portal is an always-on opportunity to sell visitors on your brand and company values, it's often overlooked.

Luckily there's hope for those old teal colored walls!

Aruba ClearPass Guest provides the unique ability to customize the look and feel of your guest portal so that your brand and messaging stand out. No more rented look and feel. There's even an advertisement module that lets you promote new products and services each time a guest logs in.

And, ClearPass Guest is the only application that allows you to customize data entry fields, add social login buttons and links to mobile apps, as well as use the background of your choice.

Best of all, Aruba offers a professional service that delivers on your brand and messaging. It's a simple add-on service with these additional benefits:

  • Optimized guest experience for mobile by automatically scaling to different types of devices.
  • Enhanced engagement with personalized messages, offers, and surveys.
  • Collection of any data from the guest that's relevant to marketing and security objectives.

Unlike a decorator, Aruba's guest portal customization service is cost effective and delivered on time. To learn more about ClearPass Guest and Aruba's Portal Design Service visit:

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