Considering a mobile app for wayfinding and notifications?

By Trent Fierro, Blog Contributor
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Introducing the Meridian Engage ecosystem for mobile engagement

Being on the cutting edge of technology for mobile engagement, I'm constantly introduced to new and innovative app developers with some exciting solutions in this space.  So, part of my job is to engage with app developers and encourage them to take our awesome SDK for a test drive.

Recently, we signed up Raizlabs, Mobile 72, and Knuckleheads (and people think Airheads is weird, but we are talking Portland!) as pure-play app developers. We also have Platform app developers as part of the Engage ecosystem, but I'll talk about their capabilities in another blog.

The reason we're signing up app developers is so that our customers can leverage existing vendor apps for when where they want to include wayfinding and notifications. Or you can find a new app developer that understands Meridian. The Meridian SDK provides value to app developer's toolkit that helps people find their way or receive valuable information or discounts.

If a customer is starting from scratch, Raizlabs can build you an audio or video streaming feature, plus wayfinding and notifications. Or maybe you want to build an app for an event or a point of sale feature in addition to wayfinding, look to Mobile 72 or Knuckleheads. Your choice.

Second, we want partners that are problem solvers. Software developers, at their core, tell technology what to do. Problems arise when there's a mismatch between software and hardware expectations. Software developers take an idea and make it a reality.

Third, we want partners who can move fast. The nice thing about software is that changes happen at the speed of thought. Developers need to stay connected with our customers to ensure that new features within an app are implemented when needed. If you're running a new event, there's always a new floorplan and a brilliant idea for staying connected with attendees. The pace of software product development—prototype, test, redesign, deploy—should happen at the speed of thought!

If you're a customer that is considering a mobile engagement app or you are an app developer that understands the value of wayfinding and notifications within your portfolio, we'd like to help.