Power Duo: New Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise Subscription Licenses and EC-10104

By Karan Singh Dagar, Product Marketing Manager, Aruba
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The explosion of mobile and IoT devices and consumption of SaaS applications in the enterprise has dramatically increased the attack surface, exposing enterprises to security breaches that can compromise data and result in loss of productivity. To tackle growing security challenges emerging due to cloud migration and a dissolving security perimeter, enterprises need an advanced, secure SD-WAN solution like the Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN platform.

By adopting a secure SD-WAN solution with integrated security functions, organizations can retire branch firewalls to simplify WAN architecture and eliminate the cost and complexity associated with the ongoing management of dedicated branch firewalls. EdgeConnect Enterprise also provides comprehensive edge-to-cloud security by integrating with leading cloud-delivered security providers to enable a best-of-breed SASE architecture. Moreover, Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise was recently awarded an industry-first Secure SD-WAN certification from ICSA Labs.

Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise integrated security

Aruba is excited to introduce new tiered subscription licensing for the Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN platform – Foundation and Advanced Licenses. Both licenses include the SD-WAN management software, Aruba WAN Orchestrator as a service (OaaS), at no additional charge. Deploying OaaS simplifies network management with automatic scaling, backups, recovery, and system updates. A cloud-native solution ensures enterprise IT teams spend less time on routine network maintenance and availability and more time executing critical business functions. OaaS also results in lower overall costs since it allows savings on IT infrastructure installation and management. However, for customers looking for an on-premises deployment of Aruba WAN Orchestrator, there is an on-prem edition of the Advanced license, Advanced On-prem license.

When Good Enough Isn’t

The new EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN Foundation license is well suited for organizations that require essential SD-WAN capabilities but still with Aruba's advanced application performance features included. The Foundation tier also includes a full advanced NGFW, supporting fine-grained segmentation, Layer 7 firewall, DDoS protection, and anti-spoofing. Besides SD-WAN and routing, the Foundation tier also supports Aruba’s industry-leading Boost WAN Optimization option, IDS/IPS with the optional Dynamic Threat Defense license, and automated SASE integration with leading cloud security providers.

The Foundation license supports essential SD-WAN topology requirements, such as a hub-n-spoke design, and limited network segments/VRFs. It is ideal for customers with lean IT teams looking to replace existing branch routers and firewalls with a state-of-the-art SD-WAN that has built-in next-generation firewall. The Foundation license supports three business intent overlays (Real Time, Critical Apps, and Default) that deliver outstanding application performance to end users across according to business need across all traffic types.

Aruba EdgeConnect Foundation and Advanced Licensing

When Only the Best and Most Advanced Will Do

The new EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN Advanced license is ideal for customers that want all the advanced SD-WAN features with full advanced NGFW features. The Advanced license offers unlimited topology support, including full mesh topologies. In addition to supporting the essential SD-WAN features, the Advanced license supports 64 network segments/VRFs to account for M&A scenarios that require multi-VRF/overlapping IP address capability.  The Advanced license supports seven business intent overlays that allow enterprises to apply comprehensive application prioritization and granular security policies for a wide range of traffic types. Like the Foundation license, the Advanced license also supports Aruba’s industry-leading Boost WAN Optimization option, IDS/IPS option with Dynamic Threat Defense license, and automated SASE integration with leading cloud security providers.

Additionally, for customers that require an on-prem deployment of Aruba WAN Orchestrator, an Advanced On-Prem license is available that allows customers to deploy Aruba WAN Orchestrator on premises. The Advanced On-prem license is ideal for customers that must adhere to GDPR requirements and for Government agencies with strict security requirements.

New Cost-effective, SD-WAN Edge Gateway

Aruba is excited to announce a new cost-effective, secure SD-WAN branch gateway platform, the Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise EC-10104, designed for small edge/ branch sites with typical WAN bandwidth capacity ranging up to 500Mbps and WAN optimization support of up to 200 Mbps. The EC-10104 comes equipped to support up to 4 x 10/100/1000 RJ-45 interfaces (2 WAN, 2 LAN) and supports a USB interface for supporting certain USB-powered devices. From a pure bandwidth performance perspective, the EC-10104 sits in between the EC-US and EC-XS.

There are many situations at a branch location where site bandwidth demands can be satisfied with the EC-10104 such as certain large retail or banking opportunities where the bandwidth demands may warrant a smaller, more cost-effective solution.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, enterprises need a secure SD-WAN solution that can retire branch firewalls, simplify WAN architecture, and gain the freedom and flexibility benefits of an integrated best-of-breed SASE architecture. With the introduction of Aruba’s new Foundation and Advanced licenses for Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise and the cost-effective EC-10104 model, we aim to make it easy for customers to transform both their WAN and security architectures with a secure SD-WAN solution that offers all the advanced NGFW capabilities and seamless integration with industry-leading SSE providers.

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