6 Things You’ll Love About 802.11ac for Aruba Cloud Wi-Fi

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As a Christmas present,  in December Aruba began shipping new the super-fast 802.11ac access point, the Instant 225. Aside from offering the very latest Wi-Fi standard that gadget geeks seek, here's why ALL of us should love Aruba's 802.11ac Cloud Wi-Fi solution.

  1. Your management is already up to date.  With Aruba Central, we do the hosting of this management service, so we have already updated the system to manage new Aruba Instant 225 802.11ac access points and ClientMatch, features, along with the 802.11ac features.  Cross it off your list and move on to your other New Year's resolutions.
  2. 94% better connections for mobile devices.  You may not realize it, but most users with smartphones suffer from "sticky client syndrome."  That is, the first AP is where they stay connected, even if they roam far away.  Aruba solves this with ClientMatch, moving clients invisibly to the best available AP.  Result:  better client performance…no more sticky clients to slow everyone down by taking longer to transmit.
  3. 40% faster connections for 802.11n clients.  Yes, you read that right.  Your existing Wi-Fi clients will go faster with 802.11ac access points.
  4. Gigabit speeds for 802.11ac devices.  You're ready for all the new devices that ship with 802.11ac (like the Dell Latitude, all MacBooks and Samsung Galaxy S4) now that over 250 devices are already 802.11ac Wi-Fi Certified.  And you'll be ready to break the Gigabit speed barrier.
  5. 33% better battery life for smartphones.  The techies out there will understand that an 802.11ac allows faster data transmission rates than 802.11n – thus the mobile device radio finishes sooner and enters sleep mode to use less power.  The rest of us are just happy to hear we'll get more time between charges.
  6. Now you can detect and contain any 802.11ac rogue devices that are out there today.  Okay, maybe not top of mind – but think about it, with new 802.11ac consumer APs available, you won't be able to see and contain those without your own sanctioned 11ac devices. 

Read the Miercom test results comparing Aruba to the competition, and learn more about the new Instant 225!