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Brazil Scores with Massive 6 GHz Spectrum Decision

Brazil has set a new world record – becoming the world leader in making additional spectrum available for Wi-Fi. Read More

Wi-Fi 6E in Europe: Frequently Asked Questions

8 things you need to know about Wi-Fi 6E in Europe. Read More

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iPhone 12 ushers in a new era for 5G

But when your cell signal drops, you’ve got a friend in Aruba Wi-Fi with Air Pass. Read More

Industrial IoT in a 5G world

Explore the advantages and weaknesses of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies which will become available to the Industrial IoT market in the near future. Read More

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什麼是 5G?

上次我們已探討過 5G 網路架構,並且特別著重於 5G 無線存取技術如何影響企業 Wi-Fi 所扮演的角色。然而,5G 並不僅是一種技術規格。瞭解 5G 和 5G 對企業網路的意義,也意味著在成功使用案例、實體限制、商業壓力和市場期望等持續演變的狀況之間找到平衡。... Read More

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5G 소개

지난번에는5G 네트워크 아키텍처, 그리고 특히 이 아키텍처가 5G 무선 액세스 기술로서 엔터프라이즈 Wi-Fi에 대해 새로 창출하는 역할을 살펴보았습니다.... Read More

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何为 5G?

上次我们了解了 5G 网络架构,特别是它在将企业Wi-Fi作为 5G 无线接入技术中所扮演的角色。事实上, 5G 并不仅仅是一个技术规格。了解 5G 及其对企业网络的意义,也意味着要接受不断变化的理想用例、物理限制、商业压力和市场预期。... Read More

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The 6 GHz Band: Say Goodbye to the Stone Age of Wi-Fi

The FCC's draft Report & Order to open the 6 GHz band for use by Wi-Fi and other unlicensed broadband radio systems is the single most consequential FCC decision in at least a generation. Read More

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Aruba Air Pass: The Bridge from Wi-Fi 6 to 5G

Aruba Air Pass brings seamless cellular roaming to private enterprise networks with pre-negotiated operator agreements and a globally accessible, secure authentication hub. Read More

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Where Do Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Fit in Federal?

Each will serve different use cases, but will work together to provide enhanced mobility, capacity and data rates. Read More