Kevin BlackburnSolutions

Is the 2.4 GHz Spectrum Making a Comeback?

802.11ax provides better connectivity to more devices, including the influx of new 2.4 GHz devices. Read More

Keith ParsonsSpectrum

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room

At #ATM19, I learned just how much better 4x4 APs are for providing spatial streams to 2x2 clients. Read More

Patrick LaPorteSolutions

Smart Clouds Soar with Business-Class Features

Not all clouds are created equal. Midsize businesses should choose simple, smart and secure. Read More

Safeguarding Shopper Privacy and Ensuring Retail Security in a Mobile First World
Scott LesterSolutions

3 Practical Steps to Securing Wi-Fi

Certificate-based authentication, no-hassle cryptography and dynamic segmentation. Read More

Larry LunettaSolutions

Tired of Watching Stealthy Attacks Get Inside Your Network?

IntroSpect Network Traffic Analysis detects attacks before they do damage. Read More

Kentucky Derby: It’s Post Time!!!

Don your fanciest hat, grab a mint julep and bet from your phone. Read More

Ron SteinSolutions

User Experience Insight for Network Assurance Just Got Simpler

It’s essential to efficiently know if your users can connect and use applications and services. Read More

What Do We Want? Wi-Fi Protected Access! When Do We Want It? WPA3 Now!

WPA3 protects against dictionary attacks, airport hackability and more. Read More

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Simplify Site Installation with Central Install Manager

Eliminate the long, tedious process of installing networks at remote locations. Read More

Top 3 Impacts of Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) makes the best use of airtime, preserves client battery life and increases throughput to available devices. Read More