Pradeep IyerSpectrum

Reflecting on My Aruba Family

The trajectory of my life changed one weekend morning early 2002 when I met Keerti and Pankaj at La Boulangerie in the Pruneyard. They talked about building enterprise grade Wi-Fi networks. I had learned... Read More

 Let’s name it Aruba

So began the journey 20 years ago, when my co-founder, Pankaj Manglik, and I decided to start Aruba. Read More

My Aruba Journey

I can still vividly remember that early spring day in 2002 when I walked into the offices at Matrix Partners to meet Keerti and Pankaj for the first time to discuss their new startup, Aruba. Read More

Wi-Fi 6E AP, Indoor Campus AP-635
Gayle LevinSolutions

Aruba’s Wi-Fi 6E Solution: A Technology View

Aruba announced the industry’s first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution to allow enterprises to benefit from the recent allocation of unlicensed spectrum in the 6 GHz band and deliver much greater Wi-Fi... Read More

Secure Federal Networks From Edge to Cloud with Aruba

Modernize your WAN with a Secure Access Service Edge to increase mission agility and better protect Federal government networks. Read More

Aruba MultimediaIndustries

Episode 49: The ongoing digital transformation of Faith Regional Health Services

Shantell Skalberg and Brian Sterud of Faith Regional Health Services talk with Samuel Hill about the digital transformation of health care during the pandemic, digital engagement with patients, and Wi-Fi-bathtubs... Read More

Jon GreenSolutions

RSA 2021 Conference Spotlights Need for Networking and Security Partnership

More than ever, networking teams need to work hand-in-hand with security teams. Aruba networks can be both a security sensor and a security enforcement tool – it’s built into the infrastructure itself. Read More

Network Field Day 25
Simi SharmaSpectrum

Join Us for Networking Field Day 25

Deep dive into Wi-Fi 6E and EdgeConnect SD-WAN integration with Aruba ESP. Read More

Matt ValentineIndustries

Transitioning to Touchless Hospitality

The hospitality sector must look towards Edge technologies to deliver a robust and reliable network. Read More

Simon WilsonSolutions

Your AI is Only as Good as the Data Lake that Feeds It

When it comes to AI, it’s not only about crunching the data, but about having the depth of data necessary to get the right results. Read More