Avril SalterCorporate

What you should know before deploying Aruba’s self-locating feature

At Atmosphere 2022, Aruba announced their self-locating Access Points (APs). Aruba envisions automatically positioning self-locating APs in an indoor environment with one-meter accuracy. This accuracy... Read More

Samuel ClementsCorporate

A return to in-person Atmosphere and the first ever self-locating AP

It’s great to see the trajectory Aruba is on, addressing short term operational needs, while laying the groundwork for more tangible and consistent end user impacting features for future applications Read More

Dave BenhamCorporate

Self-locating APs – More than just placing APs on maps

The Aruba Self-Locating AP solution aims to begin solving the indoor location and wayfinding problem that has plagued the Wi-Fi industry for the last two decades Read More

Nav ChanderSolutions

SASE, SD-WAN & SSE: Pillars of a Cloud-First Transformation

Learn why many enterprises are evaluating technology pillars that begin with the letter S; SD-WAN, SASE and now Security Service Edge (SSE) to support their cloud-first digital transformation plans. Read More

Mike WadeCorporate

Three takeaways from “The World’s First Self-Locating Network”...

This year, I was part of the Tech Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere ’22. After two years of entirely online events, Aruba decided to have the conference in person this year. It was fantastic to... Read More

Keith ParsonsCorporate

A paradigm shift in wireless LAN-based location tracking 

I still remember the moment in time I first understood the term ‘Paradigm Shift’.  I was already a full-grown adult, with children and a university degree and finally found some time to read a short... Read More

Dolan SullivanSolutions

3 Takeaways from Atmosphere ‘22 for Federal IT

Aruba is aligning our solutions to be flexible, modern and ready for what’s next for the public and private sectors alike. Read More

Phil MottramCorporate

Aruba’s commitment to sustainability

At Aruba, we know that the pace of innovation in IT has great potential for solving the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. Read about the ways we are tackling sustainability head-on. Read More

The ClearPass Story

Let’s play a word association game. If I say, “Your enterprise network,” what would you say? Sprawling? Difficult? Insecure? Powerful? Constantly Changing? Challenging? All of the above? If we had... Read More

Gabriel GomaneSolutions

Five SD-WAN trends in the post-COVID era

See the key trends in SD-WAN that organizations need to follow to rebound from the crisis and get ready for the post-COVID era Read More