Hotels delight tech savvy travelers with creative Wi-Fi solutions
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Provide Robust Network Experience in Multi-Dwelling Environments

How can you provide a robust network experience in multi-dwelling environments (such as dorms, classrooms, hotels, and long term care facilities)?  Read More

Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium 2012 and Wireless Field Day 2

Aruba Networks ( @ArubaNetworks ) will be participating at the Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium 2012 (Jan 25th, 10am-4pm PST) and Wireless Field Day 2 (Jan 27th, 8am-12pm PST) events. Both events are organized... Read More

Announcing the Pioneer Airheads MVPs!

Announcing the Pioneer Airheads MVPs!

Please join me in congratulating the first Airheads MVPs... Read More

When you think BYOD
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Secure Authentication for Employees and Guests

Expert interview series continue with Jon Green, aka.  jgreen , and Carlos Gomez, aka.  carlos , who talk about best practices in enabling secure authentication for employee and guest owned mobile devices. ... Read More

New Enterprise Wi-Fi APs break the $1/Mbps Barrier
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Introduction to 802.11ac

We get a lot of questions about this new upcoming Wi-Fi standard and I thought it would be a good idea to talk to our in-house expert at Aruba on the topic. In addition to our 802.11ac FAQ, we are posting... Read More

Airheads Community in 150 seconds

It only takes 150 seconds for you to learn all about Airheads Community. Check it out! Read More

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Aruba Certifications: Why, What and How

Aruba's certification program are designed to help IT engineers to easily overcome the challenge of supporting increased number of mobile devices and users. I had a chance to chat with many Aruba certified... Read More

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Top 5 Tips for BYOD

One of Airheads Social moderators, Cameron Esdaile aka. -cam- , shares his top-5 tips for BYOD. He suggests IT organizations to define a BYOD policy and use a device aware WLAN infrastructure to start... Read More

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New app notes available

While my team is constantly working to turn out new VRDs, some topics are easier to deliver in a more focused application note. To that end I've been working with members of our technical marketing... Read More