Live Webinar: Sustaining Wi-Fi performance in high density environments

Live Webinar: Sustaining Wi-Fi performance in high density environments

Join Tony Alphier, Director of IT at Regional Medical Center at Memphis and Keyur Shah of Aruba Network for a live webinar session on Wi-Fi without Interruption--Sustaining Wi-Fi performance in HD environments.... Read More

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Watch Advanced “How-To” Videos on Configuring ClearPass

In under 5 minutes we'll show you how-to configure Policy Manager to use Microsoft Active Directory for EAP-PEAP authentication *and* we'll show you how-to configure. Radius Proxy on ClearPass Onboard... Read More

Designing HD WLANs

Watch one of the most popular sessions presented at Airheads Conference Las Vegas 2012 on designing High-Density WLANs! Read More

Enter to Win AirGroup Sweepstakes by September 1st!

Enter to Win AirGroup Sweepstakes by September 1st!

Learn about new AirGroup features (coming in AOS 6.1.5) and share a use-case for a chance to win a trip to the island of Aruba.  Read More

Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi – Black Hat 2012

Back in beautiful Las Vegas for another Black Hat event – more malware, more exploits, and more multicolored shorts with plaid socks than you can shake a stick at! (Who knew these attendees could be... Read More

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Aruba Tech Webinar Q&A: Dorm Wi-Fi Design in the Era of BYOD

We have compiled this morning's Q&A chat window, with answers of course, and wanted to share with all. Thanks to all who joined the webinar. For a copy and the video recording of the presentation, please... Read More

Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint and WBA's Next Generation Hotspot (NGH)
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Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint and WBA’s Next-Generation Hotspot

The WFA recently announced the "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ certification program for network infrastructure solutions and mobile devices, based on the Hotspot 2.0 specification. Read More

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HD Video over Wi-Fi – Aruba Debunks Cisco ClientLink 2.0, 4×4 MIMO,...

Today I am putting the issue of Cisco’s superior AP technology (ClientLink 2.0, 4x4 MIM) and video density performance vs. Aruba to rest once and for all. Unlike Cisco, we have not paid for an “independent... Read More

New Enterprise Wi-Fi APs break the $1/Mbps Barrier

Latest smartphones add dual-band Wi-Fi

In the enterprise WLAN world, we've been building dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) networks for a while now – I'd hazard an uninformed guess that 90% or more of the APs we have shipped over the... Read More

VRD Program Updates

New VRDs and a redesigned VRD Page Read More