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Where will Wi-Fi show up next?

You expect Wi-Fi at work and now you see it in stores, on home security and games consoles, and even on your flights!  The question is, where will it show up next? Read More

We Want Your Vote!

We Want Your Vote!

We are polling on usage of Apple's AirDrop in your enterprise. We want to gauge how much it's being used. Tell us! Read More

The Value of Location Sharing in a Mobile First World

The Road to the All-Wireless Office

Its been quite a decade for wireless, but as the saying goes - the best is yet to come!  As the founder of Aruba Networks, here is my experience on what has changed, tracking the evolution of enterprise... Read More

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Aruba Brandeis Webinar Q&A: Identity Based Access & Aruba AirGroup

We have compiled this morning's Q&A chat window, with answers of course, and wanted to share with all. Great questions by many so many thanks again to all who joined us. For a copy and the video recording... Read More

Making AirPlay
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Making AirPlay, AirPrint Work in Large Scale WLANs

IT organizations in the general enterprise want to make zero configuration networking (eg. AirPlay, AirPrint) available to end users at work. Use cases include sharing network resources such as an AppleTV... Read More

Get Ready for Airheads Las Vegas 2012 – from Dominic Orr

Dominic Orr, CEO of Aruba Networks is looking forward to seeing all the attendees in Vegas. Read More

When you think BYOD

Building a BYOD Ready Network

Two of Aruba's product managers, Carlos Gomez (aka. carlos) and Cameron Esdaile (aka. -cam-) participated at  Tech Field Day 's Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium 2012 ( #WMS12 ) and Wireless Field Day 2 ( #WFD2... Read More

Hotels delight tech savvy travelers with creative Wi-Fi solutions
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Provide Robust Network Experience in Multi-Dwelling Environments

How can you provide a robust network experience in multi-dwelling environments (such as dorms, classrooms, hotels, and long term care facilities)?  Read More

Aruba @ Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium 2012 and Wireless Field Day 2

Aruba Networks ( @ArubaNetworks ) will be participating at the Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium 2012 (Jan 25th, 10am-4pm PST) and Wireless Field Day 2 (Jan 27th, 8am-12pm PST) events. Both events are organized... Read More