Two days' battery life from the Galaxy Nexus

Two days’ battery life from the Galaxy Nexus, with only 3% due to Wi-Fi

In the latest generation of smartphones, the share of battery capacity consumed by the Wi-Fi subsystem is barely significant. Read More


Secure authentication with only a password

Cloud services are now being used to crack passwords used in WPA2-PSK. One researcher used the Amazon cloud to check over 400,000 passwords per second at a cost of less than a penny. He claims he can find... Read More

Extending enterprise UC networks over Wi-Fi and cellular networks

A few years ago we were very excited about Fixed-Mobile Convergence, integrating the corporate PBX with cellphones.  We don't hear the acronym any more - what happened to FMC?  Like many ideas in... Read More

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Hotspot deployments: Part II – Interference mitigation guidelines

INTERFERENCE MITIGATION GUIDELINES ArubaOS includes many functions for automatic mitigation of Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference in hotspot environments. Below is a summary of our recommendations for ways... Read More

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Hotspot deployments: Part I – Interference sources

INTRODUCTION These two Airheads Social posts describe sources of Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference (Part I), and then methods for mitigating the impact of interference in hotspot and hotzone deployments... Read More


WFA certification programs to focus on improved support of voice calls over Wi-Fi

Voice connectivity is one of the last barriers in many enterprises to fully “cutting the cord” and going to all-wireless infrastructure. This week, after several years in development, WFA announced... Read More

My Office Desk - Unplugged But Well Connected

My Office Desk: Unplugged But Well-Connected

Interested in unplugging your desk phone and creating an all wireless office. Here's how I did it using Microsoft Lync. Read More


Aruba BCPS Webinar Q&A: Large Scale WLAN Design and Deployment

We have compiled this morning's Q&A chat window, with answers of course, and wanted to share with all. Thanks to all who joined the webinar. For a copy and the video recording of the presentation, please... Read More

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Where will Wi-Fi show up next?

You expect Wi-Fi at work and now you see it in stores, on home security and games consoles, and even on your flights!  The question is, where will it show up next? Read More

We Want Your Vote!

We Want Your Vote!

We are polling on usage of Apple's AirDrop in your enterprise. We want to gauge how much it's being used. Tell us! Read More