Top 5 Airheads Conference Presentations of 2014

By Jamie Easley, Airheads Community Manager
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The Airheads conferences have so much great information and many great breakout sessions. This makes choosing the top 5 a monumental task, but we tackled the task and here is the Top 5 Airheads Presentations of 2014.


#5 – Eric Johnson - Wireless LAN & 802.11ac Wi-Fi Fundamentals


Eric delivered an incredible amount of knowledge in his presentation. He hit on the keys to the latest amendment, 802.11ac. Eric covered the ac standard, rate and range, co-existence and more. The presentation is really worth a second look.


Wireless LAN & 802.11ac Wi-Fi Fundamentals


#4 – Blake Krone - Advanced RF Design & Troubleshooting


Blake had two important topics to discuss, troubleshooting and design. In his presentation he talked about how to overcome the environment you are dealing with no matter the challenge. Blake pointed out a process to achieve success even with the most difficult troubleshooting scenarios.


Advanced RF Design & Troubleshooting


#3 – Keith Parsons – Evolving your career from Network Engineer to Mobility Engineer


Keith is explaining the route to become a mobility engineer. He explains the importance of education and certifications. Part of the presentation is devoted to the need to stay current with the ever progressing field as the technology expands. He explains the need to be better-rounded engineer, a mobility engineer.


Evolving your career from Network to Wireless to Mobility Engineer


#2 - Peter Thornycroft - Wi-Fi Behavior of Popular Mobile Devices


Peter addressed a topic that is becoming a need to know for every engineer. He discussed how the latest mobile devices behave in a Wi-Fi environment.  He utilizes an app he wrote, Aruba Utilities, to monitor the behavior of roaming, rate, and many other characteristics that affect the behavior of a mobile device on a network.


Wi-Fi Behavior of Popular Mobile Devices


#1 - Keerti Melkote - Keynote and Demos


CTO Keerti Melkote's keynote certainly was filled with some incredible demos. Some of the demos showcased the collaboration with MobileIron and Aruba ClearPass to deliver a improved network access control for mobile devices. Give Keerti's keynote a look to see what we will be working with tomorrow.


Keerti Melkote's Keynote and Demos