Tomorrow’s hotel today

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Whilst filling rooms and getting as close as possible to 100% occupancy rates is vital, additional facilities like gyms, spas, bars, restaurants, cafes, business centres, shops utilisation rates are important as well. Their existence within the hotel is a sunk cost and their ongoing maintenance an operational cost.

There is a way to which we can turn these cost streams to revenue streams by answering those five key questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Today's technology allows us to identify Who is entering our facility, WHAT are they interested in (based on previous visits), Where are they inclined to spend more time within the facility, when they do certain activities, and most importantly why are they taking these actions.

This type of information and data can help a hospitality program manager build a relevant, customised loyalty program that benefits the customer but also lowers maintenance costs in the back office for the company.

  • As an example, if you are a hotel brand in the M4 corridor between Bracknell and Reading in what is jokingly referred to UKs Silicon Valley, you could target IT executives that live in that small area, are hotel loyalty card holders and have a visit history of spending time at the spa or gym. The hotel could offer the gyms, spas etc to those local loyalty card holders at times we know based on usage they are empty. Any revenues are profit, as the costs of these facilities are ready sunk.
  • A casino hotel chain can engage with their guests proactively based on their who, what where, when, why profile
  • A large beachside resort will be able to deliver food to the guest on their sun lounger, promote events and activities to the appropriate guests, such as free drinks at the bar, discounted massages because the spa is empty.

Check out the video below which shows what hospitality services are currently being  delivered  with today's smart technology and what sort of data can be collected in the back end

  • A concierge in your guests' pocket through their personal device
  • Automated check in by using BLE beacons technology
  • Smartwear room accessibility
  • Indoor navigation

The same level of interactions customers experience in airports, retail, stadia, museums is brought to the hospitality arena to lift service levels and increase customer satisfaction by enabling customer engagement at a personal level. These engagements lead to aggregated personalised data which helps hospitality facilities improve their programs, services and utilisation rates and lower costs in the end.

Come and see us for a live demonstration at any of our events or if you need a demonstration earlier, come to one of our offices and have that demonstration live for you.