3 Ways Great Wi-Fi Can Make You a Better Retailer

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You know you need great Wi-Fi to support store operations. You know your customers want great Wi-Fi when they browse. But what you may not know quite as well is how great cloud-managed networks can help you deepen customer loyalty and increase sales.

Many retailers prefer cloud-managed networks because it allows you to deliver enterprise-grade Wi-Fi to support store operations and guests with a minimum of hassle. With cloud-managed networking, you still deploy access points and wired switches in the stores, and then your network administrative team can centrally manage them from anywhere using a mobile app or web browser. You always have the latest and greatest networking capabilities, and your team doesn't have to worry about late-night upgrades. Plus, cloud-managed networking shifts costs from large, upfront capital investments to monthly operational costs.

With great cloud-managed networks, retailers can:

  1. Get a more nuanced, complete sense of what your foot traffic looks like. You can tap into your wireless LAN to see your customers' digital footprints as they move through the store. You can see the busiest and slowest times of day for foot traffic. Were they just browsing, or did they spend a lot of time in one department? Tapping into the network to glean presence analytics can help you build a complete view of your customers. For instance, a supermarket can determine if it's a person's first visit to the store, or if she shops here often. Merchandisers can determine which are the most popular paths through the store—and if shoppers are pausing at the new digital displays. Marketers can compare data from different stores to get deeper visibility into the effectiveness of coupons and offers or to compare return rates.
  2. Provide Wi-Fi to shoppers without a sweat. With cloud-managed networks, you can provide branded Wi-Fi connectivity to shoppers with a simple username and password. You can be assured that guest wireless LAN traffic will stay separate from payment transactions and operational traffic to ensure security and compliance. And you don't have to worry about being inundated with customer complaints that they can't log onto the Wi-Fi. For instance, Aruba Clarity, part of Aruba's cloud-managed network solution, helps you foresee and fix client connectivity problems. That makes it a lot easier for, say a regional bookstore chain, to offer Wi-Fi without forcing sales associates to provide tech support.
  3. Drive customer engagement. A cloud-based, mobile engagement solution like Aruba Meridian lets you take the next step in personalized marketing. When a customer walks into a sandwich shop, you can use the Bluetooth on his device to engage in real time. If he's using your app, you can send a push notification with a special offer for a roast beef sandwich. Or, because the analytics reveal that it's his third visit to the store in two weeks, you can send a push notification asking the customer to join your loyalty program and get a free bag of chips with his next purchase.

 You can also tap into a cloud-managed network to help shoppers find their way to their intended destinations faster. With location-powered apps, you can provide context-sensitive navigation and give them turn-by-turn directions. If you're an entertainment venue, for example, knowing their location also opens up possibilities for delivering food right to their seats.

 Delivering personalized experiences by tapping into insights hidden in the store network isn't only for big retailers. With cloud-managed networks, small and midsize retailers can deliver great experiences for their shoppers, as can museums, entertainment venues and other public spaces.

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