Smart office and intelligent spaces

By Jon Howell, Blog Contributor
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An interesting development has started in the Wi-Fi and mobility area. This is where an enterprise customer has finally achieved the implementation of a high speed wired LAN and a high-speed 802.11ac wave2 wireless LAN, finally seeing performance only dreamt of a decade ago. Five years ago one would say that this reliable network would only really be used for Internet, intranet and voice traffic. Three years ago, in addition to voice we add some IP security video and potentially access control.

Today, now we have adequate capacity, we are looking at leveraging this high-speed network to deploy a smart building solution. Bringing all the connected motion sensors, Bluetooth beacons (using Meridian), Apple, Chrome and Fire TVs, air conditioners, Bluetooth door locks and furniture to provide a truly smart enterprise environment.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 1.31.30 PM.png

At Aruba we work closely with Engage partners (those whom leverage our Meridian SDK) to build innovative solutions to daily challenges we face in the office.

As you can see above, we can now book and manage meeting rooms, control temperature and lighting and generate analytics showing energy consumption and room usage – all via an app.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 1.48.45 PM.png

An employee can now book a meeting room directly from their smart phone and see real-time availability, in some cases even converse with the room via an AI.


This reduces "no shows" by 43% and can enable facility managers to be able to study occupancy and reallocate the rooms to a better usage. Using our Meridian Location Based Services solution, employees even have the ability to be navigated directly to the booked room and "find a colleague/ associate" to within a 3m accuracy. Once inside the room our Bluetooth technology checks the employee into the meeting, notifying the system that the meeting has begun (or ended if the meeting owner leaves).

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To hear more, come along to my Theatre Session at Discover2016 London, Thursday 1st December at 10:30am, where we will be demonstrating and detailing some examples of these intelligent spaces.