Skins for ClearPass Guest

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Aruba offers a basic skin service as well as training sessions for customers that have their own web development resources via the SKU: AMG-SKIN-PS. Aruba Professional Services also has an in-house development and creative team that manages custom captive portal projects from start to finish.

lausd_mobile.png cimarex_mobile.png caltech_mobile.png
gsu_mobile.png calpoly_mobile.pngatmo_cafe.png

For the DIY'ers and web developers out there, ClearPass Guest has the following built-in features that allow you to 100% customize your captive portal look & feel:

  • Access to PHP Smarty template engine
  • Ability to run the latest X/HTML and CSS markup
  • Ability to run tested Javascript libraries (e.g. jQuery)
  • Advertising—use the built-in advertising module or embed your third-party ad campaign code (e.g. Javascript) that your marketing department can manage

Skins and training can be purchased using the AMG-SKIN-PS SKU. To purchase Aruba professional services, contact your local Aruba representative or Aruba integration partner. For questions, please feel free to email:


-Harry Dehal