Site Survey Files and Cloud Storage

By George Stafanick, Blog Contributor
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A few months ago while conducting a site survey the unthinkable happened. That one thing that most survey folks fear the most. The loss of survey data that wasn't backed up. Thankfully only one day's worth of data was lost.


Since then the team has been cloud syncing their survey tablets in-between breaks, lunch and at the end of the day. The stress worrying  about loss of data and organization of files is something we don't think about anymore 




Something else I learned in this new workflow is improved overall visibility and efficiency. The ability to check the progress of a survey while my team is onsite across the country has streamlined communication. The ability to quickly collaborate about issues and problems involving an assessment has saved time. The data files are right there to analyze!


I've also seen an improvement in report writing. We can start to cut files and outline the report while the team is still onsite. Ive also been able to catch issues and question specifics before the team leaves. Sharing almost real time data with the customer has also been beneficial. 


Today we leverage AirMagnet and Dropbox. Its changed how we handle site survey files and workflow for the better!