SD-Branch: A Gift to Remember

By Jeff Olson, Director of SD-WAN Product and Technical Marketing, Aruba
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What a wonderful time of year. Festive lights, holiday parties and delicious treats. Stores and cafes are buzzing as people are shopping for last-minute gifts. During this time, retail establishments woo us with experiences both physical and emotional. One ad campaign that grabs my attention every year is Lexus “December to Remember.” You know the one – a beautiful snowy front yard with a brand new car in the driveway with a giant red bow on top.

As consumers, we imagine the joy of waking up to a new car when we see the ad. Of course, the car company wants you to visit the dealership, whether it’s an aspirational test drive or you have your down payment in hand. And regardless of your intention, the dealership needs to deliver an amazing experience from the moment you pull in the lot, walk around the showroom and discuss the finer points of the car with a sales associate.

Auto dealerships are an excellent example of a distributed enterprise that has thousands of locations, with specific networking requirements needed to create a consistent brand and edge experiences for customers, employees and distributors.

From dealerships to jewelry stores to retail fashion stores, consistently delivering amazing customer and employee experiences isn't easy. To deliver a network that is simple, smart and secure, uniformly across the entire company—globally, regionally and locally—isn’t an easy task for the network team.

Consumers expect to engage in memorable ways, from personalized marketing to virtual reality experiences, and those experiences require amazing Wi-Fi. Location-based marketing makes it easy to make a beeline to a hot new product—and that requires amazing Wi-Fi. Sales associates need quick access to a customer’s preferences and past purchases, product inventory and pricing to find that perfect item—and that requires amazing Wi-Fi. So do the point-of-sale and back-office systems that are critical to keep the business running.

Give the Gift of SD-Branch

The network team is challenged to keep up with demands of the business and deliver unfailingly reliable, secure connectivity that powers these amazing experiences for customers, guests and employees.

How about a timeless gift for network admins? A solution that enables network managers to deliver amazing experiences and makes deploying, managing, and troubleshooting the network in hundreds or thousands of locations a breeze? No more pecking away at the CLI, no more frustrating silos of technology, and no more costly site visits. Now that is a gift to remember.

This is why Aruba has purpose-built the SD-Branch solution. Aruba SD-Branch is a single software-defined solution for managing the entire WLAN, LAN and WAN across multiple branch locations. SD-Branch provides the rich context-awareness needed to power amazing experiences for users, mobile and IoT devices, applications, location awareness, and even operational technology (OT). Much more than SD-WAN technology in isolation, Aruba SD-Branch addresses the entire remote branch experience from the edge to core routing, and with strong security and consistent performance.

Give your company SD-Branch for the holidays, and:

  • Empower your IT teams so they are freed from network complexity and time-consuming manual work.
  • Delight customers with the amazing experiences they expect today.
  • Connect associates so they have everything they need to make the sale at their fingertips.
  • Excite corporate management because they can deliver on their vision for customer and employee engagement.

Come early Christmas morning be sure to check your driveway for an Aruba SD-Branch solution. It’s a gift that your customers, IT and management will remember long past December.

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