Onion Approach to WiFi Troubleshooting Basics – Best Practice Considerations

By George Stafanick, Blog Contributor
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The topic of best practice comes up from time to time. Just because a "configuration" made be best practice list doesn't necessary mean it is a best practice for all deployments. Best practice is a great starting point, a guide of sorts. Folks may have to deviate from some best practices because of their unique installation.

I always share with folks just getting started in WiFi, be sure to read and understand the best practices prior to any and all installations and configurations. This may pertain to the controller configuration or access point installation, for example. If you find yourself deviating from best practices ask yourself, "Why am I deviating?" and document the reason. You may get questioned later why this or that was done. Documentation, documentation and documentation!

The same is true if you blindly ignore best practices for reason of ignorance. Suppose there is a problem and the root cause is found to be a specific configuration which so happens to be a best practice. You now need to wiggle your way out of that conversation.

101 - Start with best practice. In any documentation specific to installation or configuration, note what best practices were adhered too and what best practices were not along with the reasons why.

Before you start a configuration or installation your first thought should be: BEST PRACTICES.