Add capacity when you need it with the new 9200 Series Gateway

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I love my iPhone X but my battery is saying it’s time for me to upgrade to an iPhone 13. I’ve picked the color (Sierra Blue) but can’t decide whether to go with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB capacity.  How much capacity do I need now? How much will I need? What I would love is to be able to pay a fee and add more capacity if I need it in six months or even next year without the hassle or cost associated with swapping out my iPhone for a new one. Not only would it eliminate eWaste but it would also be more cost effective ­– and who doesn’t like saving money?

Investment protection for Edge appliances

In the past, Edge appliance hardware like controllers and gateways have faced the same challenge. You either needed to overprovision and buy more than you needed just in case or purchase new appliances when your traffic needs outpaced your available throughput. Aruba is changing the way the organizations purchase edge appliances by creating a next-generation appliance that allows you to unlock more capacity when you need it simply by adding new software licenses.

Meet the 9200 Series Campus Gateway

Our new 9200 Series Campus Gateway provides the investment protection your organization requires, especially in these uncertain times. Start with the base hardware and add silver or gold licenses for added throughput when your employees return to campus, more IoT devices are added, or new digital initiatives increase demands on the network.

For medium and large enterprises who require high performance and 24x7 reliability, the 9200 Series Campus Gateway is designed to scale to meet today’s and future demands. The 9200 Series Gateway builds upon Aruba’s legacy 7200 Series Gateways to provide next-generation connectivity for up to 2,048 APs and 32,000 devices.

The 9200 Series Campus Gateway offers high performance and investment protection to meet the needs of midsized and large enterprises.

Gateway use cases

Gateways deliver capabilities that can be best provided at the Edge. With gateways like the 9200 Series, you can:

  • Branch SD-WAN capabilities: Manage hybrid WAN branches with MPLS and direct internet access.
  • Increased scale and simplified management: Use gateways to help manage up to tens of thousands of APs more easily.
  • Enhanced security: Protect against cyber-attacks with IDS/IPS intrusion detection systems, dynamic segmentation, guest WLANs, and centralized encryption.
  • Improved user experience when roaming: Seamlessly roam between buildings and indoor/outdoor settings with L2/L3 roaming capabilities.

To learn more about the 9200 Series Campus Gateway including the technical specs and ordering guide, check out the 9200 Series Campus Gateways Data Sheet.