My Aruba Atmosphere 2015 Experience

By George Stafanick, Blog Contributor
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I'm almost recovered from a week-long of learning, speaking, and after party socializing. The Aruba HP acquisition was on everyone's mind, up to this point it was rumor and the constant "no comment" was mentioned when I asked anyone at Aruba about the purchase, typical protocol when something like this is in the works. That rumor quickly became fact the day before #ATM15 was to kick off.

Aruba expanded their bottom line with successful acquisitions. Look at Airwave, ClearPass, and Meridian. Aruba Networks is the Garry Kasparov of chess. Pulling the trigger on strategic companies while innovating and integrating their acquisitions into their portfolio.

#ATM15 was a blast! Aruba Atmosphere 2015 made my personal top 5 wireless vendor events. The 3-day event was packed with learning and socializing. Rubbing elbows with Aruba's top engineers and customers is something I enjoy. Trading wireless war stories about poor designs, new standards, and wireless additives like BLE and location was the norm each night. Anywhere you looked we were all connected in some way. Aruba's ATM15 wireless network rocked. In between events I had to push Dropbox folders and sync large amounts of data for a project. The Aruba network didn't miss a beat. It was very reliable and only asked for a login one time. I particularly enjoyed the keynote, Andrew Von Naggy's session on Integrating Accurate Capacity Planning Into WLAN Designs and 802.11ac wave 2 deep dive by Peter Lane. Both Peter and Andrew are naturals when sharing information. You can feel the passion in the room when these fellas speak. I seen cameras in some of the events keep an eye out for the videos!

I was a Tech Field Day delegate during #ATM15. The good folks at TFD invited me to tag along during this event. I'm very grateful for the opportunity. Stephen, Claire and our nightly chaperon Tom took very good care of us. TFD recorded an Aruba Round Table event on three interesting topics.

HP Aruba Acquisition - What does the future hold 

Improving Air Quality - Tools and tactics for operational wifi 

Future Proofing Your Network with 802.11ac Wave 2 and MGig - Do you need it 

Last but not least, I would like to thank Aruba's Sean Rynearson and Ozer for having me and allowing me to speak at my own session 802.11 frames don't lie.  Video should be up soon!