Inspiring generations of innovators 50 years later

By Karin Mimms, Contrbutor
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Located in Roswell, Georgia, the Computer Museum of America (CMoA) is the South’s hidden technology gem. Showcasing artifacts from the digital age, it will hold one of the largest collections in the world. The Grand Opening took place July 20th, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing. We hope to build on the passion and innovation the era of space exploration sparked to help inspire our guests.

What began as founder Lonnie Mimms’ love for computers and desire to share that passion with the world has grown into a unique technology museum in the suburbs of Atlanta. The vision for the CMoA continues to grow with the support of Aruba wireless.

The vision focuses on inspiring educators, makers, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and businesses. We seek to reveal lessons from the history of computing to the widest possible audience and empower generations to excel. By equipping the museum with Aruba connectivity, we knew we could bridge the gap between old technology and new, and empower our audience with a powerful wireless experience throughout their visit.

The Museum

The Computer Museum of America has evolved into one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of computing artifacts, preserving the history of computing for future generations. These artifacts of the digital revolution are beautiful and valuable in their own right, and even more valuable as a permanent record of the innovation process and market experiments that drove discovery forward. From this collection we have curated engaging exhibits to share the stories from the history of computing to include Supercomputing, Vanquishing the Impossible, Apollo 11 and the Exploration of Space, Timeline of Computer History and Byte Magazine Display.

The museum offers an event space and classrooms available for corporate and social events, and it’s with the help of technology partners like Aruba that we can further enhance community outreach. The event and classroom space will provide a learning environment for STEAM and educational programming for all ages.

Our Aruba Solutions

It was important the CMoA choose a Wi-Fi provider that could meet the needs of today and growth of tomorrow. Our IT services provider Layer 3 Communications provided exactly what we wanted for the museum, and was able to implement an Aruba system that exceeded our needs. Layer 3 and Aruba worked with us to provide high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of the museum, and also created separate networks for visitors and employees.

Additionally, we were looking for strong security parameters in our network. Thanks to Aruba, our network environment is now secure with granular firewall controls, as well as a controller-based solution for max performance and visibility. Looking at our solutions, we are excited to have state of the art equipment that not only provides a secure and powerful network, but also has strong ties to HPE and their storied history.

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, our plans for the CMoA are only going to continue to grow, as will our partnership with Aruba. As computing continues to change, we look to partners like Aruba to enhance visitors’ experience with the latest technology. We hope to inspire generations by preserving the past and using it to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.