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Hoteliers: Get the VIP treatment with Network as a Service

By Elaine Shuck, Senior Marketing Manager, Aruba

Making someone feel welcome while delivering an enjoyable guest experience is at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Having an agile, scalable, secure network is critical to delivering that unique interaction. With Network as a Service (NaaS), channel partners can help their customers do both.

Network as a Service enables hoteliers to keep pace with innovation, meet rapidly changing business needs, and optimize network performance and user experiences. It alleviates the burden of long-term network planning and budgeting by delivering all the hardware, software, and services as a consumption model while freeing up critical IT staff to focus on business outcomes.

Adopting new technology is important for any industry. Partners should consider these 3 reasons for helping the hospitality industry migrate to NaaS.

  1. Faster Scalability. NaaS offers a pay-as-you-grow model with a complete network solution (hardware, software, and lifecycle management), delivered in a monthly subscription, helping hoteliers to scale in accordance with their network usage. Whether that means expanding network coverage across the entire hotel property (outdoor dining, pool area, conference facility, parking lot, etc.) or adding more devices for staff safety and asset tracking, being able to scale quickly is important to guest loyalty and the bottom line.
  2. Progressive Innovation. Whether today or in the future, hoteliers need to continually modernize their networking infrastructure to lower operational expenses and minimize risk. The hospitality industry is under constant pressure to compete and deliver new services. Current trends like contactless check-in/check-out and keyless entry allow for a more seamless guest experience but can add additional devices to the network ecosystem, increasing the management burden. NaaS frees up IT staff, allowing them to focus on moving the business forward, like gaining and retaining new guests, and implementing technology to create brand loyalty.
  3. Financial Adaptability. Globally, hospitality organizations are still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, while taking on the most rapid digital transformation ever experienced by the industry. With fewer staff, hoteliers require new tools and devices to efficiently serve their guests. With NaaS, hoteliers can ramp their business and keep costs predictable through subscription-based payments, allowing capex to be diverted to other priorities (e.g., new properties, services, guest experiences).

In summary, partners can help hoteliers deliver a more connected guest experience while helping them adapt their infrastructure to support new ways of working and increase flexibility and lower risk compared to traditional equipment financing methods. To learn more about NaaS with HPE GreenLake for Networking and obtain answers to the questions below, watch the on-demand hospitality webinar.

  1. What is NaaS?
  2. What are the primary drivers that make NaaS an attractive offer for the hospitality industry?
  3. How is NaaS different than a traditional lease and why does this matter in hospitality?
  4. How does NaaS help networks evolve to keep pace with technology?
  5. How does NaaS fit into the product roadmap for partners and customers?

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