#GenMobile Twitter Chat, Friday, February 7 at 1pm ET/10 AM PT

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Join us and @IDGTechTalk as we have a Twitter chat about  #GenMobile. On Friday, February 7 at 1pm ET/10 AM PT, we will be discussing enterprise mobility as it relates to "Gen Mobile". Maribel Lopez (@MaribelLopez) will be joining the discussion as a guest contributor!


How is your organization's policy for personal devices evolving? What are the benefits? We'll be discussing these topics and more.


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Please join us and share your thoughts and experiences from 1-2PM ET on Friday the 7th. The questions we will be asking are listed below, so you can be ready to share your thoughts with us. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


*When you respond, please use the hashtag #GenMobile so everyone can follow along with the conversation.


You can join the chat by searching for the hashtag #GenMobile on or Tweetdeck or your favorite Twitter client. You can also follow along at or


Get ready to join the discussion. Here are the questions we'll be talking about on Friday:


Q1) 64% of #GenMobile say mobile devices make them more productive What are the top 3 reasons mobility = productivity?


Q2) How is your organization's policy for personal devices evolving? What are the benefits?


Data to consider: 
The rise of #GenMobile leaves organizations with an opportunity. Over a quarter (28.9%) of those surveyed feel it is their company's responsibility to provide them with a smartphone or a tablet. Added to that, a further 29.2% would prefer to buy their own – but clearly see connected devices as a workplace necessity.


* Preferences (70% of people prefer flexible working than working 9 to 5; Nearly a half prefer working hours outside of 9am-6pm). 29.3%) of those prefer to work during late evenings; 63% think their mobile devices help them manage their lives better)


Q3) How does #GenMobile choose-your-own technology and work-from-anywhere lifestyle impact network security?


Data to consider: 
Clearly, security an important concern for employers. They need to ensure the correct security measures are in place if employees are storing company information on mobile devices. What's more it's essential to ensure the Internet connections used, particularly Wi-Fi, are safe and protected.


Q4) What are your top concerns with mobile app usage and performance for GenMobile? And why is this important?


Data to consider:
By taking into consideration #GenMobile's application usage and priorities, companies will be able to prepare their IT infrastructure to support the working habits of #GenMobile employees. Their ability to provide flexibility and mobility will become differentiating factors in the market.

Hope to see you there!