Discover2016 London is coming up!

By Herman Robers, Blog Contributor
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Last year, as the merger of Aruba and HPE was still fresh in our minds, I had the opportunity to go to the 2015 London Discover event. After the relatively intimate Aruba events, Discover was something of an entirely different order of magnitude. Think 10,000 attendees from all over Europe (and beyond).

What makes Discover such a special event? Firstly, Discover is an event for Customers. There are some channel partners, but most of the attendees are HPE (Aruba) customers.

Second, you can clearly see how the broader technology can be applied in your organisation. So it is not just about Mobility. There are servers, cloud, software, and much more. The information and the conversations you can have with the people behind the solution can definitely help you to find how your organisation can benefit from using the new technologies in a smart way. HPE calls that 'Transformation', and that is shown in four Transformation Areas where the Aruba technology is captured in all of them.

Now you are probably thinking: ''Sounds great Herman, but what's in it for me?"

One of the big opportunities at Discover is the availability of many of the people that build our products. Those can be executives, product managers, engineers or even developers. So if you have questions, concerns or just want to know where things are going, Discover is the place to be. The people that can help you improve your organisation, are there.

Also, new products and innovations will be shown there. Did you know about the network attached Crockpot? Check it out this video...  and see at Discover2016 London what Aruba has for you to address these kinds of challenges in your network.

Airheads will be there as well. This year we have something new: the 'Airheads Guru Bar'. Think of it like the live version of our community site. I will be there, along with some others, to answer all your questions that you might not have dared to ask in the online community. Or if you just want to discuss and get new ideas, please come to our 'Airheads Guru Bar'.

For the full agenda, or registration, please go to the Discover2016 London website:

Hope to see you there!