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Create Valuable Experiences at Hotels with Indoor Mapping

By Liselotte Foverskov, Contributor

Indoor GPS, location services, the concept of the digital store and smart stadium are terms that many people have heard about. This blog series will illustrate what’s possible with the Aruba portfolio and covers how to be creative and optimize experiences for your visitors, guests or patients with the Aruba portfolio, and how to make sure they want to return to your business again and again.

I recently saw a tweet from one of my friends, Robert. I replied to his tweet and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

I feel you, Robert. I’m upping the game by saying the process should have been automated years ago.

Improve the Guest Experience
With Aruba, you can use locations services together with Meridian AppMaker to give a more automated, yet personal hotel experience. Imagine your loyal guest arriving at the hotel and being greeted with a welcoming notification on their phone, letting them know if their room is ready and how to find it. The indoor mapping will get them to where they need to be. Maybe your guest has a room preference, whether it’s being close to the fitness center or a room with a view. Imagine all of the wants and needs of the hotel guests being fulfilled smoothly and proactively. It would create a unique experience for the guests and your staff will have more time for other tasks.

In a competitive business like the hospitality industry, you don’t want to let price be the only differentiator. In today’s busy life, customers spend their money on unique experiences. Focus on providing them with long lasting holiday memories with their family or providing them with a best-in-class, smooth traveling experience on a work trip.

Top improvements for a better guest experience using Aruba solutions:

  • Give personal notifications on mobile devices when your guests arrive
  • Use indoor mapping to direct them to the right location (room, fitness center, restaurant, etc.)
  • Offer high speed Wi-Fi across the entire resort (indoor and outdoor)
  • User experience analytics to give you feedback on customer experiences

Read more about the possibilities here.

We All Want Inspiration (and Up-to-Date Information)
I’m writing this post from my local library, and next to where I’m sitting is an installation with inspiration for vacations. There’s a pile of travel books and guides for different cities.  I just picked up a random book about Prague, and cover says it is from 2014, and there’s a page dedicated to hotels in Prague – which of course is from 2014! I wonder if I know anyone still brings physical travel guides with them. Whenever I go traveling, I do online searches for recommendations (whether this is hotels, things to do and events to go to) to be sure I get updated information.

The Horror of Online Reviews and How to Eliminate Them
Before your guests travel, they will do online research about the hotel and location.

After their stay,  your guests may take the time to give you feedback about the experience they had whilst they stayed with you. Unfortunately, the case is often that if they have had a negative experience, they just stop returning to the hotel or even worse, leave a bad review online. Aruba User Experience Insight can help you to see the real time performance of your network from a user perspective.

Check out Cherie Martin’s blog on why the user experience is worth measuring.

Something has changed in society in regard to how we interact with businesses and how we create loyal relationships with our customers. We still want a personal experience, but it doesn’t need to be based on personal interactions.  With Aruba, you can improve the customer experience by getting more interaction and feedback to cover you guests needs and wants.

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Aruba location services overview

Improving the hotel experience with Aruba.

My next posts in this series covers customer relationships from other angles with optimized customer experiences and how to strengthen the relationship with your customers.