Basic Aruba Config Tips

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Q. How do I un-provision an AP?

You have an  AP that was once ties to a different controller and now want to connect it to a new controller.

A. Console in and type purgeenv , saveenv, the boot the AP.

Q. How can I tell the Local ISP Adrress of a RAP?

A. Look for the outer IP address of the RAP.

Q. How do I "hide" an SSID?

A. Go to the Advanced tap of an SSID profile and tic "Hide SSID" and "Deny_Broadcast Probes"


Q. How can I view the amount of clients connected to a BSS by looking at a beacon.

A. A. Go to the Advanced tap of an SSID profile and tic "Advertise QBSS Load IE"


Q. How can I bridge the secondary interface on my AP to the local switchport?

A. Go into the Ethernet interface you want to bridge. Open the Wired AP profile and change the forward mode to bridge.


Q. I really want to annoy some people and use off channels in 2.4GHz lol how can I do this?

A. Go to the Regulatory Domain setting and tick the Channels you want to be able to use 😉


Q. I have a single radio AP and want it to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz how do I do that?

A. Go to the AP System profile and change the RF band to "a".


Q. I use the internal DHCP server for my RAPs, how can I change this default subnet to REP Sean's CWNE number?

A. Go to the AP System profile and scroll down to Remote AP and change pool start to and pool end to Also need to change the DFG and Server ID to


Q. I would like to Band Steer my 5GHz capable clients to 5GHz, how do I set this up?

A. In each virtual AP profile you must tic "Band Steering" and set to "prefer-5ghz"


Q. I would like to set a max overall bandwidth contract for my guest user role, how can I do this?

A. Go to access control, select the role that you are using for guest, scroll down for bandwidth contract and add new. Inter the amount and set Per Role for upstream and downstream. You can also do this per user and per AP  group. Give an appropriate value for the appropriate amount of clients or they will suffer.


Q. How can I add a guest provisioning account?

A. Go to Administration under configuration management. Add account, Change role to guest-provisioning.

 guest provisioning.JPG

Then you can login and add guests.


Another time I will creat some more advanced CLI only tips.