#ATM17 Keynotes and Presentations

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It has only been a few weeks since Atmosphere and I am missing you guys already! After reviewing all of the presentations, I wanted to share some of my favorites. 

First off the Technical Keynote Demos!

Through a series of live demos, Partha Narasimhan, Aruba's CTO, and the product management team showcased new innovations in software, as-a-Service models, and advances in machine learning and analytics. An industry first as a live demo - Peter Lane upgraded the Atmosphere wireless network during the keynote. The 2,000+ mobile devices connected to the network experienced the same level of service with no loss in connectivity and performance.

Painting the Spectrum: If Bob Ross was an RF Architect

Designing a wireless network is like creating a painting. Using the different APs and antennas as your brushes we'll discuss how to properly cover your canvas with RF, instead of just painting it green.

Designing High Density Wi-Fi Networks: 10 Essentials

Why do some Wi-Fi networks perform well while others collapse under high capacity? Join Jussi Kiviniemi from Ekahau as he explains the difference between bad Wi-Fi and awesome Wi-Fi. He covers network planning (predictive surveys), WLAN site surveys as well as Wi-Fi optimization.

Avoid the All Wireless Office Implementation Pitfalls – It's not just about APs

Moving to a mobile-first environment is definitely the right move, but there a several wrong moves you should avoid along the way. This session will address the rules of thumb for an all-wireless implementation including how to avoid the potholes along the way. Don't make wrong assumptions, rather rely on best practices and lessons learned from those of us that have deployed all-wireless in locations of all sizes. Hear about ways to approach implementing all-wireless infrastructures based on understanding site functions, how users work at each site and delivering a solution based on needs.

There were sooo many good presentations. Here are just a few more 🙂