Aruba Spectrum Monitor

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In this tutorial I want to show you how to create a dedicated Aruba Spectrum Monitor AP Group. Then we are going to place an AP into that group. After that I will show you how I like to setup the spectrum analysis interface.


Go to: Configuration -> AP Configuration

On this page click New. Name the AP Group something and click Add


Now click on the newly created group.

The only real thing to change from default will be the radio profiles.

Expand RF Management and click 802.11a radio.

Create a new radio profile and name it something.



Change the mode to spectrum-mode

Click Apply

Now click the 802.11g radio profile and do the same.



After Clicking Apply, click Save Configuration up at the top of the screen.

Now let's place an AP into the SpecAn group.


Go to: Configuration -> AP Installation

Check the box next to the AP you would like to use as a dedicated Spectrum Analyzer and click Provision.



At the top of the page change the AP Group to the newly created SpecAn group. Then scroll to the bottom and click Apply.



If you are consoled into your AP you can watch it reboot.



After the AP reboots we will be able to see that we have a spectrum monitor available on the Monitor tab.



Click Spectrum Analysis on the left column. This will pop open new spectrum monitor window.

Now we need to add some monitors. Click where it says "click here".




Then Click Add. Let's choose the 2.4GHz radio and click connect.



Then click the chosen monitor.

This will bring us into the Spectrum analysis with 4 windows.


As you can see, I have an AP on channel 1 right next to this monitor.



Now I will show you how I like to setup these windows.

At the top right of each window you can enlarge the window or change the options of the window.


Top Left Window:

                I like to keep this my Real-Time FFT but change a few setting.

                In Yellow is what I change in the options.


Top Right Window:

                I like to keep this my Swept Spectrogram (FFT Max)

                In Yellow is what I change in the options.



Bottom Left Window:

                I like to keep this my FFT Duty Cycle

                In Yellow is what I change in the options.


Bottom Right Window:

                I do not care. I use this window top poke around different graphs and change different settings.


Here is what my 4 windows look like after I am done changing the options.




If you go to the Spectrum Dashboard at the top left you can setup and save the windows to your liking. You can actually set up three different sets of windows.



There is also various recording option you can use and playback later.




After you are done using one of the Spectrum Monitor radios, I would advise to disconnect from it. Once I was trying to show a co-worker of mine what was happening at a remote site. I exited my spectrum analysis window and told him to open it up from his computer. I did not click the disconnect button. It would not let him connect until my session timed out or until I went back in and pressed the disconnect button.



After you have disconnected, you may want to put the AP back into the normal AP Group if you intend on using it for client connections.



Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions. Also let me know if you have used this feature and if it has help you solve any problems.