A 5-Star Promise to Hospitality Staff

By Tim Vanevenhoven, Blog Contributor
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The 5-Star Promise is a pledge led by the American Hotel & Lodging Association and 17 of the largest national hotel brands. It is a pledge to hotel employees across the U.S. to expand implementation of Employee Safety Devices (ESDs) and a commitment to enhanced policies, training and resources that increase hotel safety.

On the legal side, effective Jan 1, 2020, large hotels in Washington are required to provide panic buttons to staff that often work alone – such as janitors, security guards, housekeepers, or room service attendants.  Similar laws are being passed in states across the country.

Aruba partner, TraknProtect, offers a Bluetooth solution that is integrated with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Aruba APs to monitor ESDs without an overlay network and help deliver on the 5-Star Promise.

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