Transcript of Latest #wifichat on Certification

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First of all I'd like to say thanks to all of you who have  supported  #WiFiChat! This is truly a community effort and we could not do it without you!

For those of you who are not familiar with our ongoing twitter chat, here is a quick overview:

Over the last few months we have had an incredible level of involvement from the foremost authorities in the WLAN community including:  Keith Parsons, Dan Cybulskie, Perry Correll, Özer Dondurmac?o?lu, Jared Griffith, Mark Julier and Andrew Von Nagy. Not only have these incredibly knowledgeable individuals contributed at a high level but several notable companies have also participated  including:  Xirrus, Aruba,  Aerohive, Ruck- us and Boingo. Not too shabby!

WiFi chat was born out of a need for a central gathering place to discuss all things WiFi, WLAN & Wireless and has quickly become a place where those just starting their wireless networking careers can identify and reach out to experts for advice on such topics as the latest 802.11 protocols, BYOD and Industry standards, to CWNA type certifications and their value.

Which brings us to the topic of this blog where I'll summarize our latest #WiFiChat led by Keith Parsons on the subject of certifications.


Open the attached pdf file for additional annotations and chat transcript.

Attached you'll see the transcript of our chat along with my annotations on the subjects covered with the last tweet shown at the top of the feed. To follow the chat from the start, scroll to the bottom and work your way back up..



Lance Weisser

Creative Marketing Director