Coming Soon: Airheads Mobile v2

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This is the small icon that  connects you to all things Aruba Networks, wireless and mobility. Knowledge is in demand. Enabling you to have the knowledge of thousands of mobility engineers in your pocket is the reason why we are workin on the next version of Airheads Mobile. 


You can download the first version of Airheads Mobile from the Apple iTunes Store or from Google PlayWe are excited to provide a sneak preview to the second version of Airheads Mobile. We will be sharing more news about the mobile app as we get closer to its release date of March 2014 - or as we like to call it, the Month of MobilityHere is our first close look at version 2.



With this second version of Airheads Mobile you will be able to do so much more than the current mobile reader. 


  • Same security credentials as Airheads Social, with full menu options

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.05.05 PM.png            Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.07.45 PM.png

  • Easily accessible kudos functionality, friends list and private messaging
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.10.18 PM.png               Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.12.04 PM.png
  • Events section with on-demand and location-based mobile notifications
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.15.03 PM.png          Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.19.05 PM.png
  • And let's not forget, a simple way to search, post and reply!
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.15.23 PM.png
I am personaly VERY excited about the upcoming release of the second version. Perhaps it's because I am clearly a member of the #GenMobile crowd. As a previous Aruba customer, partner, and now an employee, I have used and relied on our community website for a long time. But things could have been easier on the go. So yes, it is a dream come true 🙂 
I believe this will bring community participation to a whole new level and I know several of you will feel the same way when you get to download it during Month of Mobility
In the mean time, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. And another friendly reminder: If you want to get notified as soon as the next version hits the app stores, you should download the current version of Airheads Mobile today from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.