Celebrating World Cheese Day with Tillamook

By Kathryn Williams, Blog Editor
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Today is October 29, perhaps better known as World Cheese Day! It’s the day to celebrate all things cheese, whether that’s grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, cheese curds or even cheese pizza. On this day, we’re taking a look at our cheesiest customer, Tillamook County Creamery Association.

Tillamook is an award-winning, farmer-owned dairy co-operative headquartered in Tillamook, Oregon. Beloved not only for their famous cheddar cheese but also for their ice cream, sour cream, yogurt, and butter, Tillamook is a treasured dairy producer in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding the right partner

When looking to overhaul their wireless network, Tillamook needed a partner that could standardize all of their operating locations. Additionally, they wanted to choose an enterprise network that could help boost productivity. Tillamook was able to automate their manufacturing processes and mobilize the production floor with iPads, as well as providing connectivity for the camera network for their cold storage warehouse robot that manages 30 million pounds of cheese daily.

Outside of their production environment, Tillamook wanted to increase visitor engagement, especially when upgrading the Wi-Fi at the Tillamook Creamery, their 38,500 sq. ft. visitors experience. With the help of Aruba’s wireless infrastructure, they were also able to provide more than 1.3 million visitors a year to their Tillamook Creamery with a high-powered wireless connection.

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“Aruba’s platform allows for a seamless, all-wireless office experience with new mobile communications, such as Skype for Business, for voice and video,” said Jim Trappe, IT Infrastructure Manager for Tillamook. “Aruba was the only vendor that could offer the ease of management and reliability we required, while also streamlining network access with Aruba ClearPass.”

While moving to an all-wireless network workplace was important for Tillamook, they still wanted to be cost-efficient in their enterprise network. With their new Aruba infrastructure, they saved over $100,000 in wiring costs and eliminated $300,000 in legacy equipment licensing costs.

Choosing their solutions

Within their Portland-area business office, and with the help of Dasher Technologies, Tillamook deployed Aruba’s 300 series access points, 3810 switches, and 7210 mobility controllers. Their new enterprise network is also managed with Aruba AirWave, powered by ArubaOS 8 software, and secured with ClearPass.

Increased visibility with AirWave enables Tillamook to better understand their network usage and therefore allows for better planning of their future connectivity needs. By combining this data with that generated by ClearPass, Tillamook provides seamless and secure network connectivity, both for employees and guests throughout all locations.

Preparing for the future

With the success of their all-wireless Portland office behind them, Tillamook continues to refresh their network with Aruba, ensuring that its connectivity is strong, secure and ready for future adaptability at all of their locations.

“Tillamook is in the midst of a significant technology transformation,” said Trappe. “The introduction of an all-wireless office is just the first step. Aruba’s platform gives us a solid foundation for adding new capabilities like location services, asset tracking and real-time data gathering in the future, while cutting costs, increasing productivity and improving our employees’ workplace today.”

Thanks for taking a look at one of our “cheesiest” customers with us. Happy World Cheese Day, everyone!