Becoming Mobility Certified

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Have you been thinking about getting a certification sometime in the future? If you're like me, you're always thinking of the next one – it just never gets done. Let's change that! How about setting an actual date to complete your next cert.

This time around, we'll have many different channels you can follow to help you along your way. Of course, we'll still have our main page where everything is listed, but there will be different ways to gain the knowledge.

We'll have the following options:

  • Slide decks
  • Chats (Google Hangout)
  • Note cards
  • Quizzes
  • Related tutorials

Why so many options? Everyone learns differently, so we've tried to keep things interesting by offering different ways to learn. If you've ever been in any class, then you know why we chose the slide decks. They're a black and white representation that offers the info in a very direct way.

The videos are for those of you who like to have a "teacher" explaining the ins and outs of what you need to know.

The chats are, for me at least, the most beneficial. I find that the info sticks better in an informal setting, because you can have a direct exchange with someone that has a solid understanding of the subject.

Notecards: Do you remember making note cards in school? They are beneficial, but a little time-consuming to make. Here's the good news; we'll have them ready for those who want them.

Another great learning aid is the quizzes. I have walked into certification exams knowing the info, but scared of how the question would be asked. These quizzes will help test your knowledge and should give you an idea of when you're ready for the final exam.

The tutorials are more for after you take the exam. They'll show you practical things like what you could expect to be doing outside of the book. Everything has a purpose or function, but I have never actually told someone the AES algorithm. With that said, as mobility engineers we have to know everything wireless and more. This prep material can't show you how a client will behave, but it will hopefully give you the practical knowledge that you need to do your job.

Here's the upcoming cert schedule:


Now for the pep talk….when you're pursuing a certification, you're proving something to yourself as well as to employers or prospective employers. The cert itself is just the validation of your time and effort to gain important knowledge and skills. Let's team up over the next few months to get to your next certification. Who's ready?