Aruba Networks at WFD7

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It is about that time. The 7th edition of the Wireless Field Day event is almost here. Aruba Networks is really excited to once again be a part of all the technical goodness. We like to think we are the main event leading each year into the WFD discussions. We will be taking the stage for the panel of delegates and everyone online Thursday Aug.7 at 10:30 PST. This will be our 5th round with the WFD crew and we are looking forward to future WFD events


I first met the WFD crew back in September 2012. Ever since then I have considered them family. Each of the delegates come with their unique background and perspective on all things technical. This provides interesting contextual diversities in the back and forth dialog during the WFD sessions. We certainly look forward to the intense scrutiny the delegates subject us to. 🙂


Unfortunately I will not be present at this event. I recently was blessed with a perfect baby girl. I still have a few more weeks before I can or want to get away. I will be following along online and participating in the twitter chat. You can follow and participate also using the #WFD7 hashtag.


Like usual, we have a few "Airheads" on the panel.


Blake Krone was a presenter at the Airheads EMEA Italy Conference in June 2014. Blake nailed his presentations on "Advanced RF Design & Troubleshooting".


Keith Parson presented for us at the Airheads Conference in Las Vegas, March 2014. Keith being the expert on career advancement and 802.11 presented on the topic "Evolving your career from Network to Wireless to Mobility Engineer".


Craig Schnarrs is a past Airheads Ambassador. Check out this blog overviewing his "..experience at the Wireless Lan Professionals Conference"


Lee Badman is also a past Airheads Ambassador who has contributed a few blogs to the Airheads Community.  "Know When It's OK To Have a Plan B" Is one of his blogs.


Jennifer Huber is another past Airheads Ambassador. Check out her blog "Aruba Airheads 2013 - Gigabit WiFi In Depth"


George Stefanick is an Airheads Ambassador as well as an Airheads MVP this year. Here is one of my favorite blogs by George. "30 Random Technical Thoughts by a WiFi Engineer"


Sam Clements is not afraid to stick his neck out when he thinks something is wrong. Oddly enough as much criticism as we get from him, we have been able to make a few changes to improve what we do. Thanks man! Check out this selfie at Airheads Vegas 2014.


Most mentioned above have also sat on our Airheads Conference roundtables the last few years. 2012 2013 2014


We look forward to meeting some of the new delegates and getting everyone involved in the Airheads Community. Our goal with the Airheads Community is to provide those with the information needed to succeed in the mobility industry. Most of the time this help comes from individuals like you and those reading this blog. Thank you.


This year our agenda will be the following:

  • Topic "How to go All-Wireless?"
  • Rocky Gregory aka bionicrocky will be our amazing host.
  • Balajee Krishnamurthy aka Bala aka Ballin Bala will highlight Aruba's Integration with Microsoft Lync.
  • James Nelson, Mick Conner and Adam Berns from the Aruba IT team is then going to show us how Aruba HQ unplugged the deskphone.
  • Sujatha Mandava aka Queen Airwave will finish by going over how AirWave network management delivers deep visibility for devices & users in an all-wireless workplace.


I am ready for an awesome week. How about you?